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NYCFIRST Update #2 – May 3, 2007

A newsletter for the NYCFIRST robotics community in New York City and the surrounding area. If you want to be removed from this list type “remove” in the subject are and hit return.

Compiled by Norman Scott
NYCFIRST Registration coordinator

Norm’s Robotics blog:
These newsletters will be available and updates will be posted as they come in.

Registration for the Power Puzzle is open
For the 2007 FLL pricing, the team registration fee has gone up to $200, however the field setup kit remains the same as the last year which is $65 - 2007 FLL product descriptions and pricing is listed on our web site at

The first NYC team to register----ta da

And the Winner Is:

0083 CS 66 X Christopher Blades

Here are the others so far:

0160 MS 51K James Hoffman
0189 Automotive HS Bruce Rajswasser
0192 Automotive HS Bruce Rajswasser
0195 Automotive HS Bruce Rajswasser
0196 PS/IS 123 X Chris Gooding
0198 Staten Island Tech HS Mike Siegal
0199 Staten Island Tech HS Mike Siegal
0268 MS 101X Maritime Academy Michele Sikoryak
0331 IS 24 SI Raymond Cottrell
0332 IS 24 SI Raymond Cottrell
0394 MS 67Q Ruta Dave

Coming Events

2007 Region 4 Robotics Pentathlon: June 9 at Aviation HS
Contact Stephen Shapinsky
Technology Staff Developer Region 4

To see what the event will look like (and get a sense of the events), see the gallery of images from last year at:

The 3rd annual challenge should be the usual fun event, enhanced by the venue, the Aviation HS aircraft hanger. Last year they turned on a jet engine and had tours of the building with kids demonstrating welding and more of the great stuff at Aviation. Expect more of the same. This event is open to teams outside region 4. If you do not want to compete come as spectators.

Region 4 VEX tournament on June 9 at Aviation HS
A VEX event will be held concurrently with the Pentathlon Challenge on June 9 at Aviation HS.

The Region 4 Spring Vex Challenge is up for viewing or downloading at:

1. Both vex and lego occurring same day, same place, with two totally different events
2. These are not FIRST events--totally different rules, all autonomous
3. If you want to attend, R4 or not, get in touch in with Stephen, hopefully soon.

Stephen Shapinsky
Technology Staff Developer Region 4

The following article appeared in the April 20th edition of The Wave, a local weekly (the oldest in NYC, established 1893) where I write a column on education every 2 weeks.

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