Monday, March 14, 2011

Congrats to all Teams at Javits Mega Robotic Event- FLL Team Awards Award Winners

FLL Team Awards –2010/11 NYC Wide Tournament - Jacobs Javits

Robot Performance
9114 - 5th place - Robomind Tech – Robotbeta
1222 – 4th place – PS 94K Lego Amazon Warriors
864 – 3rd place – MS 67Q Bionic Bot
778 – 2nd place – IS 75SI Panthers 1
2357 1st place – Dalton

9584 – 5th place – Robomind Tech Robostars
3916 – 4th place – IS 289M Manhattan Youth
1070 – 3rd place – Manhattan East School for Academics and Arts – Team Me
3906 – 2nd place – St Clare School - Castaways
11415 – 1st place – PS/IS 128Q Juniper Valley – Cyborg C lan

Team Spirit
8675 – MS 216Q Ryan Lyons

Against All Odds
3714 – Friends Seminary FS NYC - Robo Owls

Judges Award
1221 – PS 94K Lego Master Blasters

Robot Design
3305 – 5th Place - PS 126 MAT/Chinatown YMCA - Matobot
3745- 4th place – Forest Hills Team – Mindtorms Mechanics
10599 – 3rd Place - East Harlem Tutorial – Little Warriors of Harlem
4559 – 2nd Place – PS 94Q – PS 94 Admiral Bots
3307 – 1st Place - Dalton School – Dalton 2 Motors

9658 – 5th place – Edward Bleeker JHS 185Q – Bleeker Techies
3719 – 4th place – Forest Hills Robotics League – Planetary Forces
3903– 3rd place – St ClareSI - Heartbreakers
5681 – 2nd place – Packer CollegiateK – Dr Bob 1
7577 – 1st place PS 28M – Wright Brothers – Innovator

Champions Award
11793 – 5th place - Hunter College HCHS – Hawkinators
1222 – 4th place – PS 94K Lego Amazon Warriors
9114 – 3rd place – Robomind TechQ – Robo Beta
778 – 2nd place - IS 75SI – Panthers 1
2357 – 1st place – Dalton School – Dalton SWAT.



I will start by simply saying Thank You for all of the work that you have done this past year to make FLL a success in NYC. However, there is nothing simple about the work itself. The countless hours, above and beyond your day jobs, which you put in to make the Body Forward season a success cannot really be summed up into words of gratitude that would do them justice. All that I can say is that they are very much appreciated, by everyone around, but especially the kids (which is really what it’s all about and why we do what we do). I look at it from this perspective: Even if what we do helps steer the life of one child in the right direction, then it’s worth it. But I know that the work we do has an impact not just on one child, but hundreds of them…and that’s definitely something to feel good about.

In respect to this past weekend’s Javits extravaganza – IT WAS GREAT. Everyone who has come up to me as well as to some other volunteers has said that the event was the best one they have attended yet, that everything from a spectators point of view worked as it should have, and that the teams had a lot of FUN! We had some very good press, especially on Sunday (which I attribute, ofcourse, to the FLL/Jr.FLL events which were present, but then again I’m biased ;)

I hope that all of you took some notes about what worked, didn’t work, what worked but needs improvement, and everything in between for our debriefing.

Thank you all again for a spectacular season and all of your hard work and dedication.


Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to everyone for making this past weekends tournament possible. My kids really enjoyed themselves. I hope you have all taken some time to rest and pat yourselves on the back. The event was truly remarkable.


Hello all,

I wanted to take this chance to thank Liz, Greg and Mike for giving me the opportunity to take part as a FLL technical judge in this weekend's event--it was such a huge success!

I am happy that I was part of such a great and inspiring event. As a third-year Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering student, I have learned many complex concepts and theory when it comes to mechanical components and design. What I saw on Sunday, as presented by the students, really showed me that one doesn't need to go to college to learn those concepts. All one needs is the determination, passion and willingness to learn. I will never forget this lesson.

Please feel free to reach out to me for other events--I would love to continue participating.

Warm regards,


I was there today. Great, fun & exciting atmosphere. I was a judge for FLL and I am proud to say that one of my groups won "The Team Spirit" award. Go team! So proud!

I went today (can't go tomorrow unfortunately but I really did want to see those operations!) and it was mind-blowing! it was like a super sporting event with mascots and 'uniforms' and war paint, except that competing teams were NICE to each other! the diversity was uplifting, and the enthusiasm was contagious and inspiring. I felt like I was seeing the future in these kids and I actually wept. thanks Norm.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Javits 2011 FLL Championaship, Sunday March 13 - Floor Plan and Schedule


Teams for Javits 2011 With Pit Table Assignments

By Pit #
Pit Number Team# School Number Contact Team Name Borough
1 3903 St. Clare School Mary Lee St. Clare's Heartbreakers Staten Island
2 3906 St. Clare School Mary Lee St. Clare's Castaways Staten Island
3 1221 PS 94 K Alfredo A. Pelaez LEGO Master Blasters PS 94 Brooklyn
4 1222 PS 94 K The Henry Longfellow School Alfredo A. Pelaez LEGO Amazon Warriors PS 94 Brooklyn
5 8395 PS 103 x Jarret P. Jackob Robo Beez PS103x Bronx
6 4687 Chelsea Prep Debbie Birstingl, Jaime Quinonez, Salim Virji Biorobotic Imaginations  Manhattan
7 5125 Chelsea Prep PS 33M Debbie Birstingl, Jaime Quinonez, Salim Virji RoboWizards Manhattan
8 3067 Archimedes Academy for Math, Science & Technology Justin Duffy
Miriam Lazar
Boogie Down Bots Bronx
9 1801 IS 119 Q Chris Dudin, Craig Edelman TopGearz Queens
10 1803 IS 119 Q Chris Dudin, Jenn Dudin SuperBotz Queens
11 10587 PS 372 K Vicki Holland Body Builders PS 372k Brooklyn
12 10590 PS 372 K Vicki Holland
Rita Fasano
Monster Machines Brooklyn
13 10004 The Urban Institute of Mathematics Ryan McCabe, Nicole Havel XLR8RS Bronx
14 2432 IS 49 SI Carol Obler
Francesco Portelos
Drefus Megabots Staten Island
15 864 MS 67Q Ruta Dave Bionic Bot MS 67Q Queens
16 1015 IS 24 SI Raymond Cottrell
Jane Frangos
Dark Knights of 24 Staten Island
17 2187 IS 383 K
Philippa Schuyler MS
Lindrick Outerbridge
Skybots Brooklyn
18 1070 Manhattan East School for Academics and Art MS 224 Lliana Villegas, Elisabeth Castelli TEAM ME Manhattan
19 3305 PS126/MAT/ChinatownYMCA/Manhattan Academy of Technology Hau-Yu Chu MATobot Manhattan
20 4541 Hunter College Campus Mr. Peter H. Glus HCHS FLL Robotics Team B Manhattan
21 4539 PS 94Q Peter Glus PS 94 AdmiralBots Queens
22 11793 Hunter College HCHS FLL Robotics Team B Peter Glus HCHS Hawkinators Manhattan
23 3631 Trevor Day School Steven Schechter Trevor Little Dragons Manhattan
24 8320 The Gateway School Eleni Liakaris
Ed Bringas
Jerry Pavlon-Blum
Gateway MS Manhattan
25 778 IS 75 SI Donny Swanson
Andrew Grandner
Denise Carsten
Panthers1 Staten Island
26 2422 Genesis at Xaverian Mr. James P. Schreiner Genesis Legosmiths Brooklyn
27 1525 PS 58 The Carroll School  Keith Wynne
Roger Levy
Bionic Boys PS 56K Brooklyn
28 5681 Packer Collegiate Inst. Maureen Reilly Dr. Bob 1 Brooklyn
29 11305 Packer Collegiate Inst. Maureen Reilly Dr. Bob 3 Brooklyn
30 7577 PS 28M Wright Brothers Denise Tinsley
Aimee Peguero
Innovator Manhattan
31 3714 Friends Seminary FSNYC Timothy Cooper Robo Owls Manhattan
32 5120 Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women Noam Pillischer
Nzinga Ebron
UAI Super Novas Brooklyn
33 3073 PS 8 K Brandeis Hayes
Tracey Pozluszny
PS 8 Mission Masters Brooklyn
34 5131 PS 5K Kesha S. Townsel PS 5 LEGO Rockets Brooklyn
35 8148 Coen Patrick Coen MicroBots Staten Island
36 9278 Dutchman Charles C. Brainerd Dutchman Manhattan
37 5354 Mott Hall Bridges Academy Mr. William S. Principal  Mott Hall Bridges Academy Brooklyn
38 3916 Manhattan Youth @IS 289 M Stephen Husiak
Theseus Roche
Cecilia Dobbs
Cougars Manhattan
39 7032 St. John's Lutheran School Thomas J. Smolka Lego Leaders Staten Island
40 5062 Good Shepherd Services Oscar A. Lemus   Bronx Task Force Bronx
41 6897 PS 9 K Monique Moore, Elina Mamasheva Electrical Minds Brooklyn
42 10599 East Harlem Tutorial Corbett Beder
Gerardo G. Garcia

Little Warriors of East Harlem Manhattan
43 11855 RMS @ I. S. 192 Eric Greene Robo Fusion 192 Queens
44 2357 Dalton Samara Braunstein Dalton S.W.A.T Team Manhattan
45 4375 PS 233K  Langston Hughes Jennifer Humphrey
Sandra Boyke
LEGO Minds Brooklyn
46 8873 NYC Parks Dept. Cromwell Center Anthony Traverso Parks Wizards Staten Island
47 4581 MS 113K Ronald Edmonds Learning Center Jeffrey Stephens-Prince
Jemal Graham
Falcon Robotic All-Stars Brooklyn
48 4114 LREI Little Red School House Sherezada Acosta LREI Knights Manhattan
49 4371 PS 11K  Purvis J Behan School Rasheda Lyons
Carlo Yuvienco
Mission 11 Brooklyn
50 3749 PS 21K Crispus Attucks School Donna Johnson
Carla Arnold
Crispus Attucks' Panthers Brooklyn
51 4348 PS 71Q Janna T. Carbone PS 71Q Top Botz Queens
52 9658 Edward Bleeker JHS 185 Primal Dhillon Bleeker Techies Queens
53 4389 PS 636 K Young Scholars’ Academy for Discovery and Leonarda Huertas YSADE Boogie Bots Brooklyn
54 11858 Bedford Academy Cluny Lavache
Deji Komolafe
Bedford Bots Brooklyn
55 3307 Dalton Rob Quatrone
Charles Forster
Chad Gallant
Dalton 2 Motors>3 Manhattan
56 3308 Dalton Rob Quatrone
Charles Forster
Annette Marcus
Chad Gallant
Dalton RBXterminator Manhattan
57 11699 Cambria School of  Excellence Sheryl Liles
Sheree Palmer
Eagles Queens
58 9868 NYC Lab School Suzanne M. Dwyer Gators I Manhattan
59 11413 PS 128Q Juniper Valley  Michael Zwicker Robo Warriors Queens
60 11415 PS 128Q Juniper Valley  Michael Zwicker Cyborg Clan Queens
61 3719 Forest Hills Robotics League Iffat Mai, John Lewandowski/Jane Tsou Planetary Forces Queens
62 3744 Forest Hills Robotics League Iffat Mai, Stella Wang/Howard Lee Robo Squad Queens
63 3745 Forest Hills Team Iffat Mai, Lisa Brody Mindstorm Mechanics Queens
64 3133 PS/MS 194 Cynthia Khadaran Techno Tigers Bronx
65 3105 Eltingville Lutheran School Peter Hansen, Dorie Marrone Eagles Staten Island
66 2497 PS 76X
The Bennington School
Russell Heath
Jamie Modon-Cohen
76ers Bronx
67 5140 IS 49Q Noah Schumacher PS 49Q Benders Queens
68 11043 PS 153 x Michelle Solomon, Lee Hollman Robotronics Bronx
69 9948 Bronx Latin MS Colleen A. Thomas
Cynthia Klebon,
Architecti Bronx
70 5171 PS 3K The Bedford Village School Ryan F. Cain  RoboTigers Brooklyn
71 5218 IS 318K Russ Holstein
Eric Windley
Blood, Sweat, and Gears!  Brooklyn
72 6307 RoboMindTech Dennis Chan RoboTron Queens
73 9114 RoboMindTech Dennis Chan RoboBeta Queens
74 9584 RoboMindTech Dennis Chan RoboStars Queens
75 11426 Louis Armstrong IS 227 Q Steve Taormina
Richard Akalski/ Joshua Blum
LAMchops New Schoolers Queens
76 8675 MS 216Q George Ryan Peter Xanthus Ryan Lions Queens
77 8846 IS 162 X Cleveland Bradley BX Ryders Bronx
78 2342 MS 302 X Sharon Shoatz MS302 Tech Squad Bronx
79 10821 CS 134 X Edward Taveras Tigers Bronx
80 4968 Home Schoolers of Brooklyn Ted Z. Doudak Home Schoolers of Brooklyn Brooklyn