Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update on Queens Registration: So far 22 teams for Jan. 26, 2013 Qualifier

From Tournament Director Peter Zanthus:

Please do not hesitate to register because you can not mail out the check today.  Just click the box that says "payment will be sent"   It would be helpful to get all of the teams registered as soon as possible.  Note: your registration will not be complete until the check is received.

Note: You must participate in a qualifier in order to be eligible to compete in the citywide tournament at the Javits Center on Saturday March 9 (note the change from Sunday March 10).

Peter Xanthus via googlegroups.com 
9:42 AM (10 minutes ago)

to fll-queens-rob.
Ok... So far we have 22 teams registered (Thank you all!!)  and 6 paid out of 35.  Please help to make the process of organizing and planning such an event easier by registering your teams and getting those checks out.  Registration is very easy and takes no time at all, just follow the link from the previous message on the message board and get that done.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

1.   #  3542   Cambria Warbots                       
2.   #  2713   Ryan Lions                                                              Yes
3.   #  1990   Mission Masters 2                                                    NO
4.   #  1979   Mission Masters 1                                                    NO
5.   #  13309  Bleeker Stars                                                          Yes
6.   #  519     Dragonbotz                                                              Yes
7.   #  5086   NYCutyzens                                                             Yes
8.   #  13469  RoboBeta                                                                Yes
9.   #  1231   TopGearz                                                                  NO
10.  #  14753  Anonymous Builders                                                 NO
11.  #  1233    SuperBotz                                                               NO
12.  #  2707    TNTBulldogs                                                            NO
13.  #  5565    Legomaniacs                                                           NO
14.  #  14859  Robosapien                                                             NO
15.  #  4095    Mindstorm Mechanics                                              NO
16.  #  4096    Planetary Forces                                                     NO
17.  #  4097    Robo Squad                                                            NO
18.  #  3515    Slaughterbots                                                         Yes
19.  #  5027    PandaBots                                                              NO
20.  #  4094    Gear Masters                                                          NO
21.  #  3542    Warbots                                                                  NO
22.  #  1403    Top Bots                                                                 NO

Sunday, December 09, 2012

NYCFLL Staten Island Qualifier Registration for Feb. 2, 2013

Staten Island: Francesco Portelos

Dear coaches,
I hope all is going well and your teams are doing well. I don't have to tell you, but their experiences now, up to the SI qualifier and Javitz competition, outweigh the actual tournament results.

We are confirmed for February 2nd 2013 (Groundhogs Day) at the Michael J. Petrides complex. Please see info below and feel free to contact me with any questions.

There is a $50 registration fee per team.

Made out to: NYU-Poly/FIRST

Attn: Susan Hermon

6 Metrotech Center

Brooklyn NY 11201

You can use this form to register and pay as well:


Thursday, November 15, 2012


o   The date for Javits has changed from Sunday March 10th to Saturday March 9th. No events on Sunday other than the Bronx tournament on Sunday, Jan. 27.

NOTE- Due to storm damage I do not have power and have difficulty updating the info here -- email me directly and I will direct your question.

·      Team registration:
o   Currently 177 registered teams, 1 unpaid
§  Bronx            22 teams, 1 unpaid
§  Brooklyn      52 teams
§  Queens            35 teams
§  Manhattan      47 teams
§  Staten Island      21 teams
There are 31 rookie teams (0-1yrs)
9 semi-rookies (1-2yrs)
·      Borough qualifiers:
o   Borough Registration Fee:
§  Decided to raise registration fees from $40 to $50, 
if you have multiple teams you pay the $50(each) for all teams
o   Status:
§  Brooklyn:
·      1/12/13 @ NYU-Poly 8am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 7am
·      Registration will open in Nov.
§  Queens:
·      1/26/13 @ George Ryan Middle School 9am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 8am
§  Bronx:
·     date has been changed from 1/26 to Sunday 1/27/13
·      The issue was that the room was double booked so they just moved our date which was fine because we really needed the original hall they booked
§  Staten Island:
·     Francesco has secured Petrides HS on Feb. 2nd!!      

§  Manhattan:
·      1/19/13 @ CCNY 8:30am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 7am
·      picked up their playing fields (13)

·      Jr.FLL:
o   29 registered teams as of 11/7/12, no Bronx teams
o   May have to have 2 expos pending on the size; one at CCNY and the other at Poly
o   Expo 2/10/13  from 10am-1pm volunteers arrive at 9am note: at NYU-Poly
o   2nd expo open to NYC teams only at CCNY on 1/19 need to confirm there is space

Thursday, October 18, 2012

FLL Update: Oct. 18, 2012

·      Team registration:
o   Currently 178 registered teams, 5 unpaid
§  Bronx              20 teams, 2 unpaid
§  Brooklyn         52 teams, 1 unpaid
§  Queens            35 teams, 1 unpaid
§  Manhattan      50 teams, 1 unpaid
§  Staten Island   21 teams

·      Borough qualifiers:
o   Borough Registration Fee: May be raised from $40 to $60,

o   Status:
§  Brooklyn:
·      1/12/13 @ NYU-Poly 8am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 7am
·      Registration will open in Nov.
§  Queens:
·      1/26/13 @ George Ryan Middle School 9am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 8am
§  Bronx:
·      Bronx Qualifier will officially be at Fordham University on Sat. Jan. 26th 9am-4pm.

§  Staten Island:
·      Francesco Portelos is our current event organizer, with assistance from the committee

§  Manhattan:
·      1/19/13 @ CCNY 8:30am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 7am
·      Jr.FLL:
o   28 registered teams as of 10/9/12
o   May have to have 2 expos pending on the size; one at CCNY and the other at Poly
o   Expo 2/10/13  from 10am-1pm volunteers arrive at 9am note: at NYU-Poly
o   Do not want any of the expos to exceed over 25 teams

Thursday, September 27, 2012

NYC Teams as of Sept. 28, 2012

Team# School Number
382 PS 15K
519 Brics-2-Bots
533 MS 67Q
671 St. Edmunds Elementary School
883 PS 76X
The Bennington School
926 IS 24 SI
927 IS 24 SI
928 IS 24 SI
929 IS 24 SI
1231 IS 119 Q
1233 IS 119 Q
1235 CS 66 X
1318 PS 195X
1403 PS 71Q
1423 Metropolitan Montessori School
1489 IS 318K
1497 IS 318K
1698 Packer Collegiate Inst.
1702 Packer Collegiate Inst.
1749 RMS @ I. S. 192 
1917 Salve Regina Catholic Academy
1979  PS 148Q
1990  PS 148Q
2048 IS 383 K
Philippa Schuyler MS
2216 PS 11 M
2331 PS 8 K
2332 PS 8 K
2518 Eltingville Lutheran School
2612 LREI Little Red School House 
2707 MS 137Q
2713 MS 216Q George Ryan
2801 PS 166M
3447 NYC Parks Dept. Cromwell Center
3448 NYC Parks Dept. Cromwell Center
3449 NYC Parks Dept. Cromwell Center
3515 The Garden School
3516 The Garden School
3541 PS 94 K
3542 Cambria Center
3543 PS 94 K
3732 Frederick Douglass Academy
3916 PS126/Manhattan Academy of Technology 
3967 IS 27 SI
3969 IS 27 SI
3970 IS 27 SI Prall
4094 Forest Hills Robotics
4095 Forest Hills Robotics
4096 Forest Hills Robotics
4097 Forest Hills Robotics
4113 NYC Parks & Recreation - Bronx Division
4191 Dalton
4192 Dalton
4194 Dalton
4195 Dalton
4289 PS 1 M
4442 RoboMindTech
4443 RoboMindTech
4603 Hunter College Campus
4604 Queens Robotics Club
4605 Hunter College Campus
4712 Riverdale Country School
4739 Resurrection Ascension
4865 Say Yes to Education, Teachers College
5027 PS 94Q
5028 IS 75 SI
5030 IS 75 SI
5042 East Fordham Academy for the Arts
5086 Brics-2-Bots
5908 St. Clare School
5909 St. Clare School
5910 St. Clare School
5911 St. Clare School
6225 PS 28M Wright Brothers
6387 Counseling In Schools, Inc. IS 303M
6387 Counseling In Schools, Inc. IS 303M
6481 PS154 After School Program
6488 University Settlement Beacon Program
6635 Blue Devils
7191 The Trinity School
7398 PS 399 K Stanley Eugene Clarke 
7401 PS 21K Crispus Attucks School
7404 PS 233K  Langston Hughes
7405 PS 11K  Purvis J Behan School
7406 MS 113K Ronald Edmonds Learning Center
7407 PS 636 K Young Scholars’ Academy for Discovery and
7408 IS 318K
7409 Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women
7410 PS 9K Teunis G. Bergen
7411 Mott Hall Bridges Academy
7412 PS 3K The Bedford Village School
7413 PS 256K Benjamin Banneker Elementary
7414 PS 5K
7415 MS 366K
7416 PS 628K Brooklyn Brownstone
7419 PS 270 K The Dekalb School
7420 Community Partnership Charter School
7424 Ron Brown Academy MS 57
7425 The New Lots Schools PS 213K
7427 Madiba Prep MS
7553 Riverdale MS Robotics
7559 Community Roots school
7756 Good Shepherd Services
7844 PS 321K
8110 Horace Mann School
8135 Horace Mann School
8314 Bronx Charter School for Excellence
8432 The Chapin School
8434 The Chapin School
8539 PS 155k Robotics
8793 PS 57 SI
9392 IS 49Q
9591 Home School
10103 Petrides School
10452 IS 98 X Herman Ridder
10461 Manhattan Youth @IS 289 M 
10464 Manhattan Youth IS 276
10467 Manhattan Youth @IS 289 M 
10468 Manhattan Youth @IS 289 M 
10623 Riverdale Country School
10651 Immaculate Conception School
10652 NYC Lab  Middle School
10656 NYC Lab  Middle School
10773 PS 92K Adrian Hegeman
11810 Family Life Academy Charter School
11993 MS 442 New Horizons
12177 Packer Collegiate Inst.
12179 Packer Collegiate Inst.
12428 St. HOPE Leadership Academy Charter School
12434 St. HOPE Leadership Academy Charter School
12505 Genesis at Xaverian 
12735 Genesis at Xaverian 
12831 The Young Womens’ Leadership School TYWLS BK
12834 NYC Center for Space Science Education
13048 New World Prep
13263 Dwight School
13273 Sunset Park Prep MS 821K
13305 Graham WIndham - 
13309 Edward Bleeker JHS 185
13469 RoboMindTech
13561 IS 131 X
13665 PS/MS 194
13665 British International School of NY
13778 Inwood Academy for Leadership
13780 Inwood Academy for Leadership
13794 Counseling In Schools, Inc. IS 303M
13859 Fort Greene Prep Academy
14067 Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
14535 Genesis at Xaverian 
14617 The Trinity School
14753 PS 128Q Juniper Valley 
14793 PS 256K Benjamin Banneker Elementary
14806 Friends Seminary FSNYC
14856 Hunter College Campus
14859 PS 128Q Juniper Valley 
14887 PS 89 The Williamsbridge School
15040 MS 50
Williamsburg Middle School
15100 Synchronicity / SynchroNYCITY
15139 Riverdale Country School
15149 Louis Armstrong IS 227 Q
15153 Louis Armstrong IS 227 Q
15247 The Gateway School
15362 Forest Hills Robotics
15364 Bronx Park MS
15551 Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
15573 Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
15636 Genesis at Xaverian 
15752 IS 49 SI

Thursday, September 20, 2012

FLL Kickoff Schedule - Saturday September 22, 2012 at 10:00 AM-2:00

Hello All,

You are cordially invited to join us at this upcoming weekend FLL Kickoff Event at POLY UNIVERSITY in BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Below is the day’s schedule.  I strongly urge VOLUNTEERS to join our VOLUNTEER WORKSHOP in which we will be giving more in depth volunteer description opportunities for all FIRST Programs and how you can join in early in the season.  Also, if you have any friends/work colleagues/family members, etc that are interested, bring them along.  Apart from this workshop, this season’s FLL game will be presented in detail and many other great things you can participate in.

Hope to see you all there.


NYC FIRST LEGO League Kickoff

Saturday September 22, 2012 at 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
Polytechnic Institute of NYU
6 Metrotech Center Brooklyn, NY 11201

10:00-10:20 AM: Welcome & Introductions (Pfizer Auditorium, 5 MetroTech Center)
10:25-10:40 AM: Senior Solutions Challenge Overview (Pfizer Auditorium)
10:40-11:15 AM: Judging Rules Overview (Pfizer Auditorium)
11:15-1:15 PM: Rookie Team Workshop (How to organize your team, project overview; game strategies, robot design, & NXT software tips) (JAB - Room 474)
11:15-12:15 PM: Jr. FLL Workshop Super Seniors (How to register, run and prepare for the JrFLL Expo) (JAB - Room 475)
11:15-12:15 PM: Volunteer Workshop (What is FIRST, volunteer position descriptions) (Pfizer Auditorium, 5 MetroTech Center)
poly-nyu-logo11:15-2:00 PM: Game Overview (All Teams) (Rogers Hall [RH] - Room 116)

If any questions, please feel free to contact me at email below.

Elizabeth Almonte
NYC FIRST Volunteer Coordinator


Monday, July 30, 2012

FIRST in the News

TechScape: Dean Kamen & FIRST ... Perhaps His Greatest Invention

Huffington post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/




Thursday, June 21, 2012

NXT Error Code 1003 Patch

We are getting an error code on the computer for the NXT. It is error code 1003. I reinstalled everything and it it still coming up. 

Have them try this:


Here is a link to the patch.

-Original Message-----
From: LEGO Education <delivery@yousendit.com>
Sent: Wed, Jun 20, 2012 2:58 pm
Subject: YouSendIt File Delivery Notification

Download File
Sent by: esimmons@legoeducation.us
File to pick up: NXT Edu 2.1 PC Patch.zip
File will remain active for: 14 days
Link to file:  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Coming August 28, 2012
See full schedule (US/CAN)

Can FIRST® LEGO® League teams improve the quality of life for seniors by helping them continue to be independent, engaged, and connected in their communities? In the 2012 SENIOR SOLUTIONSSM Challenge, over 200,000 children ages 9 to16* from more than 60 countries will explore the topic of aging and how it may affect a person’s ability to maintain his or her lifestyle – solving issues like getting around, keeping in touch, or staying fit. Teams will research obstacles and then suggest ways to improve the quality of life for the seniors affected. Teams will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® robot to solve a set of missions on an obstacle course.  Throughout their experience, teams will operate under FLL’s signature set of Core Values.

*9-14 in the US, Canada, and Mexico SeniorSolutionslogo

Monday, May 14, 2012

NYC Champs at FLL World Invitational Open Florida

by Veryl Greene, coach of roboGbots

May 9, 2012

Hi Norm,

Sunshine, palm trees, interesting folks and robots; what a great combination! "Robots in Paradise" - The FLL World Invitational Open in Florida was FANTASTIC! It took place at the All Saints Academy in Winter Haven, Florida with the Opening Ceremony taking place outside on the athletic field; where we also had a teams dinner and dance under a clear sky and the SuperMoon on the last night. The Closing Ceremony took place at LEGOLAND; how kool is that!

Sixty-three teams came from all over the U.S. and the world. The spirit of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition was everywhere as teams networked, exchanged ideas, exchanged e-mails for e-pals, joined facebook pages, even played soccer and dodge ball together on the football field.

The robots were AWESOME and research projects were OUTSTANDING!

One of the highlights of games was the Blind Pirate's Challenge where teams were randomly paired as alliance teams to run the robot performance game together on the same table - two robots on the table at the same time!!! Talk about Coopertition and fun. There was also an impromptu Robot Derby to honor the running of the Kentucky Derby that Saturday.

Though the roboGbots didn't win anything (this time)...

Core Value 5: "What we discovered was more important than what we might have won."


Core Value 4: "We all honored the spirit of friendly competition."

Core Value 6: "We shared our experience with so many others."


Core Value 8: "We had FUN!"

The roboGbots
V. "L3Go-Bots Lady" Greene