Thursday, November 15, 2012


o   The date for Javits has changed from Sunday March 10th to Saturday March 9th. No events on Sunday other than the Bronx tournament on Sunday, Jan. 27.

NOTE- Due to storm damage I do not have power and have difficulty updating the info here -- email me directly and I will direct your question.

·      Team registration:
o   Currently 177 registered teams, 1 unpaid
§  Bronx            22 teams, 1 unpaid
§  Brooklyn      52 teams
§  Queens            35 teams
§  Manhattan      47 teams
§  Staten Island      21 teams
There are 31 rookie teams (0-1yrs)
9 semi-rookies (1-2yrs)
·      Borough qualifiers:
o   Borough Registration Fee:
§  Decided to raise registration fees from $40 to $50, 
if you have multiple teams you pay the $50(each) for all teams
o   Status:
§  Brooklyn:
·      1/12/13 @ NYU-Poly 8am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 7am
·      Registration will open in Nov.
§  Queens:
·      1/26/13 @ George Ryan Middle School 9am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 8am
§  Bronx:
·     date has been changed from 1/26 to Sunday 1/27/13
·      The issue was that the room was double booked so they just moved our date which was fine because we really needed the original hall they booked
§  Staten Island:
·     Francesco has secured Petrides HS on Feb. 2nd!!      

§  Manhattan:
·      1/19/13 @ CCNY 8:30am-4pm, volunteers arrive at 7am
·      picked up their playing fields (13)

·      Jr.FLL:
o   29 registered teams as of 11/7/12, no Bronx teams
o   May have to have 2 expos pending on the size; one at CCNY and the other at Poly
o   Expo 2/10/13  from 10am-1pm volunteers arrive at 9am note: at NYU-Poly
o   2nd expo open to NYC teams only at CCNY on 1/19 need to confirm there is space

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