Monday, March 14, 2011

Congrats to all Teams at Javits Mega Robotic Event- FLL Team Awards Award Winners

FLL Team Awards –2010/11 NYC Wide Tournament - Jacobs Javits

Robot Performance
9114 - 5th place - Robomind Tech – Robotbeta
1222 – 4th place – PS 94K Lego Amazon Warriors
864 – 3rd place – MS 67Q Bionic Bot
778 – 2nd place – IS 75SI Panthers 1
2357 1st place – Dalton

9584 – 5th place – Robomind Tech Robostars
3916 – 4th place – IS 289M Manhattan Youth
1070 – 3rd place – Manhattan East School for Academics and Arts – Team Me
3906 – 2nd place – St Clare School - Castaways
11415 – 1st place – PS/IS 128Q Juniper Valley – Cyborg C lan

Team Spirit
8675 – MS 216Q Ryan Lyons

Against All Odds
3714 – Friends Seminary FS NYC - Robo Owls

Judges Award
1221 – PS 94K Lego Master Blasters

Robot Design
3305 – 5th Place - PS 126 MAT/Chinatown YMCA - Matobot
3745- 4th place – Forest Hills Team – Mindtorms Mechanics
10599 – 3rd Place - East Harlem Tutorial – Little Warriors of Harlem
4559 – 2nd Place – PS 94Q – PS 94 Admiral Bots
3307 – 1st Place - Dalton School – Dalton 2 Motors

9658 – 5th place – Edward Bleeker JHS 185Q – Bleeker Techies
3719 – 4th place – Forest Hills Robotics League – Planetary Forces
3903– 3rd place – St ClareSI - Heartbreakers
5681 – 2nd place – Packer CollegiateK – Dr Bob 1
7577 – 1st place PS 28M – Wright Brothers – Innovator

Champions Award
11793 – 5th place - Hunter College HCHS – Hawkinators
1222 – 4th place – PS 94K Lego Amazon Warriors
9114 – 3rd place – Robomind TechQ – Robo Beta
778 – 2nd place - IS 75SI – Panthers 1
2357 – 1st place – Dalton School – Dalton SWAT.



I will start by simply saying Thank You for all of the work that you have done this past year to make FLL a success in NYC. However, there is nothing simple about the work itself. The countless hours, above and beyond your day jobs, which you put in to make the Body Forward season a success cannot really be summed up into words of gratitude that would do them justice. All that I can say is that they are very much appreciated, by everyone around, but especially the kids (which is really what it’s all about and why we do what we do). I look at it from this perspective: Even if what we do helps steer the life of one child in the right direction, then it’s worth it. But I know that the work we do has an impact not just on one child, but hundreds of them…and that’s definitely something to feel good about.

In respect to this past weekend’s Javits extravaganza – IT WAS GREAT. Everyone who has come up to me as well as to some other volunteers has said that the event was the best one they have attended yet, that everything from a spectators point of view worked as it should have, and that the teams had a lot of FUN! We had some very good press, especially on Sunday (which I attribute, ofcourse, to the FLL/Jr.FLL events which were present, but then again I’m biased ;)

I hope that all of you took some notes about what worked, didn’t work, what worked but needs improvement, and everything in between for our debriefing.

Thank you all again for a spectacular season and all of your hard work and dedication.


Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to everyone for making this past weekends tournament possible. My kids really enjoyed themselves. I hope you have all taken some time to rest and pat yourselves on the back. The event was truly remarkable.


Hello all,

I wanted to take this chance to thank Liz, Greg and Mike for giving me the opportunity to take part as a FLL technical judge in this weekend's event--it was such a huge success!

I am happy that I was part of such a great and inspiring event. As a third-year Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering student, I have learned many complex concepts and theory when it comes to mechanical components and design. What I saw on Sunday, as presented by the students, really showed me that one doesn't need to go to college to learn those concepts. All one needs is the determination, passion and willingness to learn. I will never forget this lesson.

Please feel free to reach out to me for other events--I would love to continue participating.

Warm regards,


I was there today. Great, fun & exciting atmosphere. I was a judge for FLL and I am proud to say that one of my groups won "The Team Spirit" award. Go team! So proud!

I went today (can't go tomorrow unfortunately but I really did want to see those operations!) and it was mind-blowing! it was like a super sporting event with mascots and 'uniforms' and war paint, except that competing teams were NICE to each other! the diversity was uplifting, and the enthusiasm was contagious and inspiring. I felt like I was seeing the future in these kids and I actually wept. thanks Norm.


Anonymous said...

Being in the competition of the Jakub Javid Center has been a great experience. I was with my team in the competition, and even though we lost the experience rocked!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Being in the competition of the Jakub Javid Center has been a great experience. I was with my team in the competition, and even though we lost the experience rocked!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was at the competition, and although it was great, there were several issues that tarnished the experience for me and the children who competed from the Bronx region. These issues are being disscused amongst the Bronx schools who competed to attend the Javist event. The creditability of the competition comes into question if the FLL fail to address the issues that have plagued this region. If you want to know what the issue are, contact any three schools from the Bronx who competed and ask them about there experience. They will tell you. The FLL has to do the right thing, I hope they do, or it will not be worth it to continue to compete in the FLL. Hopefully, this will encourage someone to contact these schools to survey them and address these concerns. FLL, INVESTIGATE and be proactive. Oh' Do not forget to ask about the issues that plagued the Javist event. Norm you should post this and motivate the powers that be to investigate. You have worked to hard for this, we have worked to hard for this, our kids continue to work very hard for this. Go FLL

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