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NYCFIRST Update #5: July 10, 2007

A newsletter for the NYCFIRST robotics community in New York City and the surrounding area. If you want to be removed from this list type “remove” in the subject are and hit return.

Compiled by Norm Scott
NYCFIRST Registration coordinator

Mark (tip of head),Gary, Norm (peeking), Wayne, Dean, Mike, Evan after Dinner at Dean's (good title for a movie).


Check the NYC/NJ FIRST Web site for updated info

The next FLL Planning committee meeting:
Tues. July 10 at 5:30pm at Credit Suisse.

Being planned:
FLL Kickoffs in the Bronx and at Polytech U in downtown B’klyn on a Saturday in September. Game boards will be set up and questions will be answered. Due to the necessity to get a quick start this year (see below) we will try to set this up earlier than usual, but there are holiday weekends involved. Target dates: Sept 8 (The Bronx), Sept. 15 or Sept 29

Saturday training in October for new coaches and vets needing a refresher.

1. Email Notes:
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If you are receiving these updates on your schools.nyc.gov accounts and do not check them regularly, please send me an alternative email where you can be reached and note, which you prefer.

2. Registration Report as of July 8: 80 teams
Brooklyn: 16
Manhattan: 2
Queens: 10
Bronx: 27
Staten Island: 24

These numbers include multiple teams: 38 teams from 15 schools

Registration is running ahead of last year and there are a limited number of field set-up kits. Last year we had problems over this issue with schools scrambling to get kits.

As usual, registration is no guarantee of entry into the citywide event.
(See item 4.)

See the list of the 80 teams below. New teams, coaches and schools are in BOLD. If you are a new coach or if your school has a new coach, let me know.
My intention is to migrate this list to a Google spreadsheet but I need updated info from you.

3. Updating information
I need updated info from you as to the primary coach(es) for your teams and as to whether the names listed next to your teams are relevant to the team. If they are supervisors or any other position let me know.

4. FLL Planning Committee Meeting: Qualification Tournaments
With registration running so high already, it is clear that we will not have room for all the teams even in a 2-day event. Thus, we are seriously considering a ONE DAY CITYWIDE event with 72 teams. The former practice tournaments would be upgraded into qualifying events using the considerable money saved by not having the 2nd day. All these events would take place in December with the CITYWIDE either the last Saturday of January or the first Saturday of February. A FINAL DECISION IS EXPECTED IN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO.
Details on whether there will be limits on schools with multiple teams also have to be worked out. We welcome your input.

If we do go in this direction, we may add a special event at the FRC tournament for FLL’ers at the Javits Center the first weekend of April. Discussions go on.

5. FIRST Partner meeting
A hardy band of NYCFIRST’ers headed up to the annual Partner meeting at FIRST HQ in Manchester, NH from June 19-22. Evan Weinberg, Michael Koumoulos, and Mike Siegel, FRC/FLL coaches from Lehman, Aviation, and Staten Island Tech high schools joined Gary Israel, FLL Planning committee chairperson Mark Sharfshteyn and Vision Ed’s Laura Allen and Corey Bader.

We got to sample the Power Puzzle and it looks very exciting.

We were invited for dinner - for 70 - at Dean Kamen’s amazing home where we ate in the helicopter hanger. They removed them first.

We met FLL people from around the nation, in addition to international reps from Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and Thailand, and the top LEGO Ed people were there from Denmark. Japan will hold an Asian Open event in late April and a few of us are thinking of going to assist. Konichiwa.

FLL growth has been so great, everyone is having problems getting all teams into state tournaments and there were major discussion on running qualifiers.

One important note: The World Festival is just about full and there will no longer be a guarantee that the winners get to go. Some kind of alternating year system is being worked out.
We have just been sent some preliminary info on the process and we will share it with you when we can.
We do not know whether NYC will be scheduled to go in ’08, one of the reasons we are working on the Javits event for some of the winning teams in the New York/New Jersey area. Sort of a mini-WF with FRC, FTC (formerly VEX) and FLL.

6. FIRST Robotics Teams from Bronx, Manhattan and Queens Public Schools to Share Robots with the Public at the Sony Plaza Atrium

Wednesday, July 11

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab will host award-winning high school and middle school students from the New York City area involved in the nationally recognized FIRST Robotics program, as they demonstrate and share with the public uniquely designed robots they created for recent national robotics competitions. The students will also encourage visitors to interact with their robots in a hands-on learning environment, while teaching them how the robots were made and sharing the challenges, they faced in building them.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway™, to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology. Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, FIRST designs accessible innovative programs to build self-confidence, knowledge and life skills while motivating young people to pursue opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math.

FIRST Robotics students from, H. S of Computers and Technology, Stuyvesant and Lehman High School along with MS 217Q will present their robot creations.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
11:00a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET

The Sony Plaza Atrium
550 Madison Avenue at 56th Street
New York City

7. Two NYC FRC teams were the subject of case stories in the book titled Classroom Robotics: Case Stories of 21st Century Instruction for Millenial Students. by Kathleen, P King and Mark Gura.

One of the case studies is titled Changing the Inner City, One Robot at a Time, written by Evan Weinberg.

The other case study is titled The Morris High School Robotics Team:

An interview with Gary Israel: "Winners at a High Intensity Sport for the Mind".

Click below to see more information about the book which can be purchased on Amazon.com


8. Coach Donnie Swanson sent this community project and pictures to a local newspaper. The kids had a ball when the car parked itself.

I.S.75's Lego Robotics Team worked with Mr. I. Iacono, General Manager of Lexus of Manhattan, to show the students how their work with robotics can be applied to real life with their new technology offered in their new line of automobiles (self parking option & anti-collision technology, light sensing automatic headlights and high tech alarm system). The students replicated these features using the new NXT robotics set by Lego Education. What really makes this project stand out was how Lexus of Manhattan took this project even further and drove the latest LS 400 SERIES car to the expo and treated the kids with a demonstration of this car's robotic features. This real-life community connection truly inspired the kids. I heard one of my students turn to his fellow teammate and say, "We know how to do that! We're going to be rich!!!" In my opinion, this type of program truly gets the kids excited to learn. It is a wonderful addition to the middle school curriculum.

For pictures, Contact:
Donny J. Swanson
Intermediate School 75
Lego Robotics Coordinator
(718)356-0130 x4241

9. Team registered as of July 2: Check info and send corrections

0083 CS 66 X Christopher Blades James Bellon
0160 MS 51K James Hoffman
0189 Automotive HS Bruce Rajswasser Dan Luna, Michael Danza
0192 Automotive HS Bruce Rajswasser Dan Luna, Michael Danza
0195 Automotive HS Bruce Rajswasser Dan Luna, Michael Danza
0196 PS/IS 123 X Chris Gooding Kelleyann Royce
0198 Staten Island Tech HS Dennis Giurici Mike Siegal Robert Brayman
0199 Staten Island Tech HS Dennis Giurici Mike Siegal Robert Brayman
0268 MS 101X Maritime Academy Michele Sikoryak Punit Gandhi
0331 IS 24 SI Raymond Cottrell Jane Frangos
0332 IS 24 SI Raymond Cottrell Jane Frangos
0394 MS 67Q Ruta Dave (NEW)
0447 PS 372 K Rita Fasano Vicki Holland Haiva Albuliwi
0449 PS 372 K Rita Fasano Vicki Holland
0506 Pablo Casals MS 181x Terry Buchalter
0523 Pablo Casals MS 181x Constantine Kouvatsos
0526 East Harlem Tutorial Danny Peralta Joseph Contreras s Matthew Miller
0527 East Harlem Tutorial Danny Peralta Joseph Contreras Matthew Miller
0573 IS 125 Q Rudy Vera
0575 Baccalaureate School For Global Education Melissa Hinson
0705 Globe School for Environmental Research Michael Joyce Paul Riter Paul Cassidy Barbara Hartnett
0707 Globe School for Environmental Research Michael Joyce Paul Riter
Paul Cassidy Barbara Hartnett
0740 PS 57SI Patricia Lockhart (NEW)
0782 PS 148Q Mike Farrell
0783 PS 148Q Mike Farrell
0844 St. Edmund Elementary School Christine Zaremba (NEW)
0845 MS 302 X Sharon Shoatz Richard Shen
0948 MS 217 Q Veryl Greene
0964 PS 107x Adel Assal
0983 PS 193 The Gil Hodges School Stacy Solomon Carol Geier Cynthia McGinty Annabell Corales
0984 PS 193 The Gil Hodges School Stacy Solomon Carol Geier
Cynthia McGinty Annabell Corales
0990 IS 34 SI Joseph Buro Carmen Fuoco
0991 IS 34 SI Joseph Buro Carmen Fuoco
0992 IS 34 SI Joseph Buro Carmen Fuoco
1058 Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship Lillian Sepulveda Rufina Bautista
1408 St. Clare School Mary Lee
1409 St. Clare School Mary Lee
1410 St. Clare School Mary Lee
1411 St. Clare School Mary Lee
1418 Satellite 3/MS 103 Gillian Edwin
1435 Packer Collegiate Inst. Maureen Reilly (NEW SCHOOL, Exp. Coach)
1482 Brooklyn Children’s Museum Gillianne Roberts (NEW)
1483 Brooklyn Children’s Museum Gillianne Roberts (NEW)
1610 PS 270 K The Dekalb School Mitra Lutchman (NEW)
1629 PS/MS 194 Cynthia Khadaran
1634 ESMT IS 190 X Maribeth Whitehouse
1635 IS 318 X Ian Chow-Miller
1654 PS 21K Crispus Attucks School Carla Arnold (NEW)
1680 P723X Christine Walsh (NEW)
1814 IS 230 Q Sonya Rencher Craig Grelarowski
1822 MS 118 X Ralph Corvino
1863 Aviation HS Michael Koumoullos Samantha Gian
1883 Cunningham IS 234K Jack Satz (NEW)
1911 PS 76X The Bennington School Russell Heath
1963 IS 72 SI Deric Borrero
1964 IS 72 SI Deric Borrero
1965 IS 72 SI Deric Borrero
1966 IS 72 SI Deric Borrero
1967 IS 72 SI Deric Borrero
1971 IS 72 SI Deric Borrero
1995 IS 75 SI Donny Swanson
1996 IS 75 SI Donny Swanson
2090 PS 261K Marci Rosa Allisyn Levy Jennifer Lindauer-Thompson (Vet school, New Coaches)

2201 MS 144 x Michaelangelo MS Victoria Lowe Peter Xanthus
2132 IS 98 X Harold Smith
2136 PS 106 x Philip Hamlin
2154 PS 121 X Kathy Bormann Maria Scher
2235 Coen Patrick Coen (NEW) – Homeschool??????
2257 IS 27 SI Bryan Kilgallen
2258 IS 27 SI Bryan Kilgallen
2259 IS 27 SI Bryan Kilgallen
2269 PS 68 X Andrew Harrison Barbara Tully
2284 HS of Computers & Technology X John Mynttinen Bruce Abromowitz Joseph Lewis
2349 PS 103 x Jarret Jackob Linda Marie Matos Cathy Daly
2350 PS 103 x Jarret Jackob Linda Marie Matos Cathy Daly
2395 IS 192 Q Eric Greene
2397 IS 192 Q Eric Greene
2398 The Eagle Academy for Young men Osei Owusu-Afriyie
2415 Kezner Academy @IS 192 X Elizabeth Tremberger

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