Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Bright Green FIRST Bag

I love the bright green bags I got from FIRST for volunteering in Atlanta and when I went up to Manchester and take one of them with me in my travels all around the city. At night cars can't miss seeing you - or improving their aim.

The bags are weightless and hold all my stuff. So this evening I stopped by one of those Mexican fast food places on Varrick St.and put my bag down on the counter while I ate. There were a bunch of high school kids at the next 2 counters and they were looking my way. Finally, one of them approached and said, "We noticed your bag. It's from FIRST." Turned out they were part of the Stuyvesant FIRST robotics team. They will be running the Manhattan tournament this December, hopefully at Pace in downtown Manhattan.

Running into some great kids - -another reason why I love my FIRST bag. And the FIRST dungaree jacket too - -can't wait 'till it gets cold enough for me to wear it. Thanks again Nancy and Elisha.

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