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NYCFIRST Update #17 & Manhattan Qualifier Pics - Dec. 2, 2007

NYCFIRST Update 17: Tournament Season is ON
Dec. 5, 2007

A newsletter for the NYCFIRST robotics community in New York City and the surrounding area.



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The Manhattan qualifier on Sunday Dec. 2 at PACE U

The following 8 Award winners will be going on to Riverbank:

6482 Little Red Sherezada Acosta Directors Award
2627 Little Red Sherezada Acosta Performance: First
1447 Trevor Day School Steven Schechter Performance: Second
4850 Manhattan Academy of Technology PS126/MAT/ChinatownYMCA Hau-Yu Chu Performance: Third
4795 Manhattan Youth @IS 289 M Annie Xu Theseus Roche Judges Award
5205 The Brearley School Katherine Hallissy Luigi Cicala Research Award
6047 PS 1 M Seung Won Lee Technical Award
6115 Manhattan East School for Academics and Art MS 224 Melissa Cancel Teamwork Award

Thanks to everyone for making the event such a successful event.
This was our first qualifier ever and was also very early in the season for us. The teams were well-prepared and everyone had fun.
There are too many people to thank. The robotics team of Stuyvesant and the gang at PACE U led by Bernice Houle and Rick Kline and their students, maintenance, etc made it all possible. And as usual, Catherine Kunicki was there for it all.

The tournament was a perfect case of the unique partnerships fostered in the FIRST environment: high school students, parents, college professors, college students, the business community, local community forces like YMCA's, private non-profit after school programs and of course, our wonderful public and private school teachers plus the usual suspects at NYCFIRST and the Planning Committee. And thanks to all our borough partners.

Special thanks to Keith Wynne, coach of 4 teams at PS 57 K who not only is part of the NYCFIRST Planning Committee but has also taken on the task of managing our first Junior FLL event for kids aged 6-9. We had about 10 teams and have great hopes for the future expansion of this event.

Special kudos to Epiphany School coach Christine Cook-Alvarez for service beyond the call for having a baby 5 weeks ago and still finding the time to be there for the kids. Send us pictures Christine. Do we have a match for your daughter with Queens Tournament director Mike Koumoulos' new son Dennis who is just a few weeks older.

FLL Planning Comm. Chair Mark Sharfshteyn says:
Catherine - you and your team did a great job yesterday. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, Steven, Hans, Rafael, and Theo for putting together a wonderful event. I also wanted to thank Bernice and Rick for providing the space and partnering with Maureen to make sure that the judging went well. From what I have seen, the kids, parents and teachers really enjoyed the event.

Keith - It was great to see so many kids, parents and teachers involved in the JFLL event that occurred in the morning. I think the kids really got a kick out of marching during the robot parade and receiving their awards in front of the whole gym - this was a great ending to their day of competition.

What you get to take home at a qualifier:
Every team gets a participation trophy so make sure you get yours.
Each child gets a participation ribbon.

Winning teams in all categories get trophies or plaques. If you win one of these that guarantees entry to the citywide at Riverbank on Jan. 26.

The top award Directors' Award winning team gets a medal for each member (no more than 10, please.)

How do we determine who gets to go to Riverbank (Jan. 26)?
Each borough is allotted a certain percentage of teams that compete based on a formula worked out in the top secret bowels of NYCFIRST HQ where magic potions are mixed with the results that it is based on a percentage of the number of total teams registered. Each borough gets an allotment with the same % of the teams in that event. Thus, Queens with 24 teams might have 12 go on and Brooklyn with 38 teams might have 16. Numbers might change a bit based on dropouts. The numbers might change slightly based on final numbers. Right now, it looks like about half the teams that registered originally will get to go to citywide.

In order to qualify and compete at the 2008 New York City FIRST LEGO League Championship, a team must:

1. Be based within the five boroughs of New York City;

2. Compete at one of the five borough qualifying FLL tournaments;

3. Win at least one of the six awards (any place) given out at their borough qualifying tournament.

The following awards will be given out at each tournament:

1. Directors Award
2. Robot Performance Award
3. Project Award
4. Teamwork Award
5. Robot Design Award
6. Judges' Award

The number of places for each award (i.e., 1st, 2nd, etc.) will be based on the planned size of the borough tournament such that the number of teams advancing from each tournament will be roughly proportional to the tournament's size. A total of 86 awards will be given out at the five borough tournaments, thereby qualifying up to 86 teams to compete at the New York City Championship. Judges will be using the standard judging criteria for each award as explained in the coaches' manual as well as outlined on the firstlegoleague.org webpage: http://www.firstlegoleague.org/default.aspx?pid=29660

What about the half that don't get to go? It ain't over till it's over

Do not pack it all in if you do not qualify.
We hope you bring your teams to Riverbank to inspire the kids for the future.
Showing up and competing at the borough events qualifies you for any future events NYCFIRST sponsors.

We are hoping to hold an FLL event at the Javits Center in conjunction with the major FRC and FTC tournaments on the first weekend of April. Sort of create our own mini-festival like in Atlanta.

NYCFIRST Team prepares to go to Tokyo
Last Saturday members of the FLL Planning Committee - Mark, Gary, Marcio and myself had dinner with Mr. Ishihara and Mr. Kamoshida, FLL partners in Japan, who will be running the Asian Open tournament on April 27, 2008. Some of us are hoping to go to assist. Both guests attended the Manhattan qualifier as observers.

Special Notice:
We may get one of two slots for NYC teams to go to Tokyo in April. With travel so restricted, the passport process takes 6 months. So if there's any chance you are interested let me know ASAP.

Next up: Brooklyn and the Bronx on Dec. 8
Followed by Queens and Staten Island on Dec. 15

Bronx FLL Qualifying Tournament: December 8th, 2007 at Lehman HS
Full details at the blog
December 8th, 2007
Bronx FLL Qualifying Tournament
Full details at the blog

Schedule of Events in the Bronx
7:30 AM Registration & Pit Open for all teams
8:30 AM MANDATORY Coaches Meeting Main Gym
9:00 AM Opening Ceremony
9:45 AM First Match Begins
1:15 PM Last Match Ends
1:40 PM Awards Ceremony Begins
3:00 PM Awards Ceremony Ends

Brooklyn FLL Qualifying Tournament: December 8th, 2007
Brooklyn Tech HS

Hello teams!

The Brooklyn FLL qualifier is only a few days away. We are all very excited to see you compete. I have attached the event agenda for the day, please read it and distribute it accordingly.

Also attached is the FIRST release form, one should be completed for EVERY child. [If you did not get this contact Ruwan at brooklynfll@gmail.com]

Good Luck and we look forward to seeing you!

-Ruwan Pallegedara, Event Coordinator

List of registered teams for Brooklyn
Note the team names. Email me with any changes. No name will be school name

0189 Automotive HS Robotnics
0447 PS 372 K PS 371 Girls
0449 PS 372 K PS 372 Boys
0844 St. Edmund Elementary School [NO NAME}
0983 PS 193 The Gil Hodges School NXT 193
0984 PS 193 The Gil Hodges School NXT 193
1090 Sunset Park Prep MS 821K Sunset Park
1407 PS 307K Daniel Hale Williams
1435 Packer Collegiate Inst.
1472 PS 58 The Carroll School Mechanical Mindstorms
1475 PS 58 The Carroll School Mechanical Mindstorms
1476 PS 58 The Carroll School Mechanical Mindstorms
1477 PS 58 The Carroll School Mechanical Mindstorms
1482 Brooklyn Children s Museum museum Team 1
1483 Brooklyn Children s Museum museum Team 2
1610 PS 270 K The Dekalb School
1654 PS 21K Crispus Attucks School Crispus Attucks
1883 Cunningham IS 234K The Futurists
2070 PS 11K Behan Robots
2090 PS 261K [NO NAME]
2825 PS 233K [NO NAME]
2880 Benjamin Banneker Academy K Botjet
2897 MS 267K Zoombot
2962 MS 113K kirkbot
3107 Bedford Academy [NO NAME]
3555 PS 8 K Nanosquad
3628 IS 383 K Philippa Schuyler MS Schuyler Robotics
4814 MS 50Williamsburg Middle School War-Bots
4949 Brooklyn Tech HS Tech Engineers II
5090 PS 282 K RoboWarriors
5099 MS 88 K Masterminds
5100 MS 88 K Masterminds2
5101 MS 88 K Masterminds3
5689 PS 81 K PS 81 Warriors
5985 IS 126 K MS 126
6138 IS 318 Future Technites
6139 IS 318 Future Technites

See you Saturday!

Teams I have as delisted (non-participating) from Brooklyn, most from extra teams that were registered from some schools.

0192 Automotive HS Bruce Rajswasser
0195 Automotive HS Bruce Rajswasser
1418 Satellite 3/MS 103 Gillian Edwin
2422 PS 307K Daniel Hale Williams Noemi Alers
3314 PS 270 k Ms. walcott
3441 PS 307K Daniel Hale Williams Noemi Alers
3442 PS 307K Daniel Hale Williams Noemi Alers
5102 MS 88 K Andy Singh,
5731 PS 81 K Ms. Bell Bishop
5874 PS 399 K Sharon Holiday
6824 Urban Assembly of Math and Science Tiffany Robertson

In limbo:
5898 MS 447 K The Math & Science Exploratory School

Compiled by Norm Scott
NYCFIRST Registration coordinator

Have a good day


Demonstrating the solar house from MAT 126

Rick Klein from PACE, one of the event masterminds. Rick's course in LEGO robotics at PACE has a wide following.

FLL Planning Committee's Marcio Noguchi (second right) from Credit Suisse explains a few things to Catherine Kunicki and visitors from Japan who will be running the Asian Open FLL event in Tokyo at the end of April. A gang from NYCFIRST are going to assist.

Mr. Ishihara and Mr. Kamoshida, FLL partners in Japan, who will be running the Asian Open tournament

FLL Planning Comm's Richard Wong (left), chief Referee trainer, who also does just a few other things.

PS 1 from Chinatown with coach Seung Lee get ready to do Technical and Research presentations

FLL Planning Committee chair Mark Sharfshteyn and long-time FLL volunteer and Judge coordinator Maureen Manton

The big winners with 2 different teams winning the Directors Award and top place in Performance, Little Red School House in action.

The intensity is intense

Junior FIRST LEGO League - thanks to Keith Wynne who coaches 4 teams in Brooklyn for helping put this together for the first time in NYC.

Hans from Stuy. A member of the FLL planning committee and one of the major event coordinators.

Coaches' meeting

Ruwan Pallegedara, Event Coordinator for the qualifier at Brooklyn Tech checking things out. Ruwan ran the event last year as a high school sophomore. He should be running the country.

The Stuyvesant HS robot

Theo from Stuy wearing the red beret as Head Referee and did a great job

This one slipped in from last week's practice tourney at Polytechnic. FLL Planning Committee member Maureen Reilly who also coaches the team at Packer Collegiate in her spare time.

Hans one of the event managers

Coaches' meeting before we start

Catherine the Great

The girls from Brearley

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