Monday, May 12, 2008

Robotics Training at Polytechnic U

Hi everybody,
Region 24 has set-up a series of robotics symposia at Polytechnic University. The lectures will take place during the school day in May and June.
Attached you'll find the flier. In the meantime, they will also pay for you to go to Lego Robotics training taught by me, at the Gateway National Recreation Center. It is by Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn.
If you look at the flier, you'll find the contact information. I do not know what is planned for the Polytechnic symposia, or what they mean when they say "symposia."
Regarding the Lego training, it will be held on the Saturdays of June and the 2 days immediately following the last day teachers report. I have been given a bunch of RCX kits to work with, but I will focus exclusively on gearing, simple and complex, design, and electricity (motors, generators and capacitors). The course will not use the RCX brick. There will be no programming. The course is designed to increase your awareness and comfort with the gears. It is a nearly completely hands-on, work at your own pace, designing workshop. I believe breakfast and lunch will be served.
I intend to have you all use the gearboxes and limited slip clutches, and create a car powered by a rubberband (I made the plans for that one myself.) and design and build your own capacitor powered car. In the end, we will race them.
Anyway, the contact information for registering is on the attached flier. Please email the people listed as they are administering all of this. My role is simply as an observer of the Polytechnic symposia and the instructor of the Saturday workshops.
Thanks everyone, Mike Koumoullos.

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