Monday, September 29, 2008

NYCFIRST Update #5: Registration Ends Tuesday

NYCFIRST Update #5: Registration Ends Tuesday
Sept. 29, 2008

A newsletter for the NYCFIRST robotics community in New York City and the surrounding area.


The NYC/NJ FIRST web site is at

Click on the links in the sidebar if you want to read back issues of these updates.

List of registered teams (188) as of Sept. 24

Check to see if you are listed.

This Update will be short and sweet. Thanks to everyone who made the Sept. 20 kickoff go so well. The teacher presenters (Eric G. Veryl G, Maureen R and Suman S) provided so much useful info.
Links to their presentations are (or will be) available on my blog and the NYCNJFIRST web site.

Registration will close Tuesday. If you haven't registered there is still time.
Having problems in NYC with PO's? Contact Bob Woods - see info on sidebar of my blog.
You can still register and work out the payment details after. You have another week or 2 to work out payment.

Free training Oct. 11 and 18 – contact me ASAP to sign up

Free Training by Vision Education at Polytechnic U Oct. 11, 18, 25 (if necessary)
9am- 3pm

Nov. 4 at Aviation HS
8:30 – 3 pm

These are all the same training for beginners so you only have to come to one.

Option for Oct. 25: We can make this an advanced training if there are requests

Climate Connections

Links are also on the sidebar of my blog.

Mission videos can be downloaded or viewed directly.

Registration- Last days
You can still register, go to

FLL Calendar 2008/9

* Sept. 30- last day to register for FLL
* Oct. 11, 18, 25- training dates - Polytechnic U downtown B'klyn
* Nov. 4 - Election Day- Training at Aviation HS
* Nov.-Dec. - Practice tournaments in all boroughs
(December 13, 2008- Bronx Practice Tournament - PS/MS 194 -
More will be set up in other boroughs. If you want to host one let me know.)
* Dec. 13 - Staten Island Qualifying - SI Tech
* Dec. 13 - Brooklyn Qualifying - Westinghouse HS
* Dec. 20 - Bronx Qualifying - Lehman HS
* Dec. 20 Queens Qualifying- Aviation HS
* Jan. 11 (Sunday) - Manhattan Qualifying - CCNY
* Jan. 31- Citywide at Riverbank State Park - 145 St. Manhattan
March 8, 2009 – Exhibition at Javits Convention center

Bronx schedule this season

Workshop - PS/MS 194 - October 4, 2008
Workshop - PS/MS 194 - October 18, 2008
Workshop - PS/MS 194 - November 1, 2008
Workshop - PS/MS 194 - November 15, 2008
Workshop - PS/MS 194 - December 6, 2008
Practice Tournament - PS/MS 194 - December 13, 2008
FLL Bronx Qualifier - Lehman H.S. - December 20, 2008
FLL NYC Championship - Riverbank Stadium - January 31, 2008

Workshops and practice tournament will be held at

PS/MS 194
1301 Zerega Avenue
Bronx, N.Y. 10462

From 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Bronx Qualifying tournament will be held at

Herbert H. Lehman H.S.
3000 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, N.Y. 11001

From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Election Day (Nov. 4) Training at Aviation HS from Mike Koumoulos
For Queens schools, but also open to other boroughs by request.

The schedule for the November 4, Election Day, training has been updated. Over the next week or two, I will send out hard copies to you and your schools (Queens). I want to wait to get as many teams registered as possible before mailing them out, but you guys can print them now.
- or copy & paste it into your browser's address bar if that doesn't work.

Registration in NYC as of Sept. 24 (188)

Bronx: 39
Brooklyn: 61
Manhattan: 34
Queens: 25
Staten Island: 29

Compiled by Norm Scott
NYCFIRST Registration coordinator

Have a good day