Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kudos for the Manhattan Qualifier at CCNY

MANY, Many thanks to LAESA -SHPE Chapter at City College of NY for their excellent leadership at the 2008 FLL Manhattan Qualifier Tournament held at the Great Hall on Saturday, January 10th! In spite of freezing and snowy weather, the CCNY team accomplished a well attended, terrific Qualifier event! This was a
particularly remarkable achievement given that this is the first time an FLL Manhattan Qualifier tournament is held at this venue! Kudos and thanks to Stuyve Pulse, FRC Team #694 for their significant contribution in making this event a success!

Thanks Mark Sharfshteyn and Liz Almonte for your skillful guidance in running this event. Along with the Jr. FLL Expo wonderfully executed with the support of Keith Wynn, this FIRST celebration at the Great Hall amounted to a true mini festival celebrating our youngsters’ efforts with science and technology in upper Manhattan! Comments from parents and teachers do not cease to commend the new venue, the high quality of the event, the efficiency and friendliness of all volunteers!

Below is Keith Wynn’s excellent analysis of the day's outcome!

None of this would have happened without you.. On behalf of NYC /NJ FIRST, thanks again for giving so much of you for the sake of a better future for our kids and community.


Ana L. Martinez

Randy Schaeffer

FIRST Regional Directors

From: Keith Wynne
Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2009 4:59 PM
To: LAESA SHPE; Sharfshteyn, Mark; Randy Schaeffer; Elizabeth Almonte;
Elizabeth Vilchis
Subject: It All Paid Off! Some key analysis of today's events!

Dear Elizabeth V, Elizabeth A, Mark, and Randy,

Congratulations on pulling off another great venue this season!
The FLL Tournament was fantastic. Even though I was busy running the
JrFLL Expo. Everything I saw clearly indicated that the children,
coaches and parents were having a fantastic experience! Whatever
challenges we faced in putting things off in inclement weather, we
overcame and none of the parents, children, or visitors would have
even been aware of it!

Thanks for all of your hard work, cooperation, collaboration and
support! Today Jr.FLL welcomed 9 teams from seven different schools
or programs. The 2 of the teams were repeaters from last year.

Two schools had teams of more than 6 children so they created two
presentations and two models! Three of the programs were from
community based organizations or home-schooled children. One of
the schools also had a team participating in FLL via Staten Island
borough qualifier. (same teacher) Our schools came from Staten
Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Yonkers, and Bergen County,

The children were ages 6-9 in grade 1,2, and 3. The smallest
team had 2 members and the largest teams had 6. Three of the 26
FLL teams participating came to visit the JrFLL Expo. Thanks to the
Little Red Schoolhouse, Packer Collegiate, and

I heard comments ranging from, "This was the best experience I have
ever had!", "I had so much fun today!" "The event was really well
organized.." "The event was really well planned!." "I loved the way
the kids were able to see both events taking place and participate in
the opening ceremonies." All of the teams were invited to join us at
the upcoming EXPO at Javits. Many already said they would be there.
I told them I'd be in touch with them mid-February... The joint
opening ceremonies as well as time for the children to go across and
observe the actual event really helped solidify the true meaning,
mission and values of FIRST for all who attended. The young children
were so excited to stand on the stage in front of everyone and have
their school recognized!!!

The time for the children to observe during our judging also
accomplished our goal of showing the children what they had to look
forward to as they grow up!

I made some great technology and engineering connections for the
students at my school. Met a producer at NBC TV on my way up to the
tournament. She asked me about the photos I had taken as I was
reviewing them on my camera in the subway! Also one of the volunteer
judges David works for ASME. He wanted to help further promote
interest in engineering and may be coming to visit P.S. 58 during
Engineer's Week/Month in February.

What a fantastic day capping off an amazing weekend full of
adrenaline, sleep deprivation, and incredible energy, love and support
from the entire FIRST Community!
Way to go:)

I'm off to get some rest. Take care, and I'll catch up with you
all at the next planning committee meeting!

All the best,

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