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FLL Javits Update for March 7

Feb. 23, 2009

Two weeks away from the big event. This is the first in a series of updates.

Check my blog for latest updates.

A response to this email is a confirmation that you will still be competing.
Put your school in the subject area and reply.
If you have to modify your team name, coach or other info do so in this response. It will be your last chance.
You will not receive the next update with very important info if I do not get a response. Don’t make me send Vinny over to your school.

We are not alone
With the massive 3 day extravaganza at Javits, we are in new territory this year and things will be very hectic. Lots of people and traffic. The space is massive and not as contained as Riverbank. Many will be there for the FRC event. So there may be some wrinkles. It is easy for kids to wander away, so make sure everyone knows how to navigate the space before they are on the loose. Most important: locate the bathrooms (and the food, not necessarily in that order.)
Of course, you can bring your own – food, that is, not bathroom.

Schedule, parking, food, directions, etc. at
Also posted on my blog.

Program Guide
I am finishing up work on the program. and have included the changes you asked for. If I don’t hear from you by Wed. Feb. 25, we are going with what you see (see list below.)

Pre-Assignment of Pit Tables
We are assigning pit tables in the order of team numbers. That info will be in the next update.

I will make an adjustment for schools that have 2 teams. If you are a school with multiple teams going to Javits please email me so I can keep track.

We are efforting to get your schedule to you in advance. This may involve an individual email to each of you with an attachment. We may also include a map. While there is no guarantee we can accomplish this, I cannot send you this information if you do not respond to this email.

When you arrive
Check in at the registration desk. (I will be there with Teri Bader.)

Immediately send your robot for robot inspection to the admin area behind the game tables.

The lower numbered pit table teams will be first up for research and technical presentation. We will try to have teams at pit tables 1-21 complete tech/research before the opening ceremonies begin at 9:30.

IMPORTANT: If you feel you cannot get there by 8AM let me know ASAP and I will assign you higher numbered pit table. If you can get there early, let me know and we’ll give you a lower numbered pit. There is an advantage to getting the presentations out of the way early in the day.

Tours on Friday March 6
Reminder that we are offering tours on Friday March 6 for schools that want to visit. Things are much less hectic that day. We know you will be busy with final prep but if you had other kids and teachers who want to come on Friday let me know.

Field Set-up Kit disposal
As usual, we will be giving away the kits we use. We have about 19 available. You must pre-arrange this with me. First come first serve based on your response to this email with a note you are interested.

Your scores and team ranking
We do not keep these so it is up to you to get that info before you leave. If you don’t get it from the screen, go ask someone at the scoring table.

Your evaluation sheets from the judges
These are available so make sure to get them. I’m not yet sure where they will be but check at the scoring table.

Questions? Email or call


Teams lists by boroughs


199 IS 24 SI Knights of 24 Raymond CottrellJane Frangos
202 IS 24 SI Blast Bots Raymond CottrellJane Frangos
1335 IS 27 SI Mustangs 1 Bryan Kilgallen
1341 Micro Bots Patrick Coen
1667 IS 34 SI Stell Talons Joseph Buro/Ann Verderber/
Howie Leventhal
1784 St. Clare Planeteers #3 Mary Lee
1956 IS 75 SI Panthers 3 Donny SwansonAndrew Grandner
2179 IS 72 SI V Team Randi Huss/Colasanto diSpigna
2380 StatenIslandTech Tech Knows Steve Raile/Mike Siegel
2386 StatenIslandTech Tech Knights Steve Raile/Mike Siegel
2708 PS 57 SI Robotics Team Patricia Lockhart
5119 IS 49 SI CyberSoldiers Carol Obler/Francesco Portelos
5721 NYC Parks Park Wizards Lisa Brooks


109 PS/IS 123 Technados Chris Gooding Joanne Urena
523 PS/MS 194 Rising Tigers Christine Bernabei/Cynthia Khadaran
584 MS181/Pablo Casals Climate Crusaders Terry Buchalter
853 PS 121 Storm Throopers Kathy Bormann/Jean Czarniecki
895 BX Latin MS Architecti Eddie Branchaud
901 MS101 Maritime The Electros Elizabeth Tremberger/Gina DeMatteo
1172 MS 302 MS302 Tech Squad Sharon Shoatz
1636 ESMT IS 190 Team X Maribeth Whitehouse
1739 Kezner Acad@IS192 Ro-bit-ics Nicole HavelDonna Kinford
2266 PS 76Bennington 76ers Russell Heath
2545 Globe School GLOBE Masters Paul Riter
2656 IS 98 Herman Ridder Ridder Kids Harold Smith
5909 PS 103 RoboBeez Jarret Jackob/Linda Matos
5910 PS 103 RoboStingers Cathy Daly/Mike Murphy
6182 Archimedes Acad. The Boogie Down Bots Justin Duffy
6368 PS 153 Robotronics Michelle Solomon/M Lee Hollman
6388 Michelangelo/MS144 144 GoBots Victoria Lowe/Gregory Defoe
7509 PS 108Philip J. Abinanti Energy All-Stars Vanessa Jones
7780 IS 125 Henry Hudson Lego Explorers Nunez/Owens/Afflick


232 MS 67Q Globorobo Ruta Dave
275 Cambria Center Cambria Warbots Sheryl Liles
778 MS216/George Ryan Ryan Lions Peter Xanthus
1215 P.S. 139Q RoboTech Yvonne Shortt
1836 IS 119 Q TopGearz Chris Dudin
2491 RMS/IS192 Robo Fusion 192 A Eric Greene
4764 Resurrection Ascension RA Titans Janna Valente
7417 Louis ArmstrongIS227 Lamchops A Richard Akalski
7418 Louis ArmstrongIS227 Lamchops B David Mabrey
7756 IS 119 Q SuperBotz Chris Dudin


490 St. Edmund Nerd Herd Christine Zaremba
1462 PS 372 K Tropic Thunder Rita Fasano/Vicki Holland
Haiva Albuliwi
1463 PS 372 K Thunder Shocks Rita Fasano/Vicki Holland
Haiva Albuliwi
1775 Packer Collegiate Packer Climate Inst. Maureen Reilly
1827 PS193 Gil Hodges NXT 193 Carol Geier/Cynthia McGinty/Stacy Solomon
1925 IS 318 Blood, Sweat, and Gears! Russ Holstein
1979 PS58 Carroll School The Thermolinas Keith Wynne
2019 PS 257K Minds at Work Javier Reyes/Edwin Hernandez
2393 PS 11K Mission 11 Rasheda Lyons/Ilya Brutman
2707 PS21/Crispus Attucks Panthers Carla Arnold/Keeshan Williams
3076 Benjamin Banneker KV-Bot Imani Fischer
3475 Arthur S. Somers MS Rising Star John Uske/Clair Vassell-Williams
3575 PS233/LangstonHughes The Extreme Engineers Dawne Jokinsky
3951 PS399/Stanley Clarke Knights Sharon Holiday
3958 MS 267K Magicbot Neil Abell
3991 MS 88 K Masterminds A Andy Singh
3993 MS 88 K Masterminds C Andy Singh
5762 MS 51K Generals James Hoffman


363 Think Robot, LLC Think Robot Tom Hershner
425 Columbia SecondSchl RoboCubs Andrew Stillman
1730 Trevor Day Little Dragons Steve Schechter
Amanda Picciotto
1910 MS 328 Robotigers Beth Pollak
3057 PS/MS 108 Time 4 Change Alicia Sotiropoulos
5496 Brearley School Brearley Beavers Luigi Cicala
Annie Cheung-Livhits
5624 TheAndersonSchl/PS334 AMS Dragons Judy Kunze
6425 Frederick Douglass FDA LEGORaiders Danielle Nunez
6426 Frederick Douglass FDA JR LEGO Raiders Megan Wasserman
6528 PS123/MahaliaJackson MJ Legos J.King,Jr./
Levette Alexander
7175 LREI LREI Squires Sherezada Acosta
7177 LREI LREI Knights Sherezada Acosta
7836 Gateway Schools The Weather Savers Raphael Abrams

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