Saturday, June 27, 2009

Veryl Greene Robotic Camp at the AMNH

The robotics camp at the American Museum of Natural History seems to have gone
well. On the last day we had a little mini game tournament on the Mars mat. The
parents, nannies, & younger siblings came to see the tournament - the classroom
was packed. Every team was successful at a mission or two, which made the kids &
parents very proud - I received a lot of hugs from the kids and grateful thanks
from the parents; I just wish I had the pamphlets on the FLL, because half of
them want information about getting robotics into their private schools. I did
give them a hand-out of websites to find information about robotics. It was cool
being able to use the Rose Center to learn about Mars & the rovers - it was a
nice experience for me as well.

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Ms. Veryl Greene
Robotics Consultant
FLL Robotics Planning Committee <>

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