Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From FIRST Central

Greetings Coaches:

Nervous about an upcoming Tournament or local event? Don't be! These events are celebrations of your accomplishments. Even if your Team can only attempt one Mission on the Robot Game or didn't have time to fully rehearse their Project Presentation... GO! HAVE FUN! And remember the FLL Core Value: "What we discover is more important than what we win."

World Festival

We are pleased to announce the regions which have been selected by lottery to invite their Champion's Award winning Team to the World Festival for the Smart Move Challenge - in Atlanta, Georgia from April 14–17, 2010. You can view the selected regions at Each Operational Partner has the opportunity to nominate one team from their region to attend World Festival whom they believe has embodied FLL Core Values throughout the season. Your Partner will share more information if they are planning to submit a nomination.

2010 Challenge

Lastly, we are excited to have released the name and logo for the 2010 "Biomedical Engineering" Challenge... Body Forward! Visit under FLL Program Updates to read more.

With High 5's and Admiration,

FIRST LEGO League Headquarters


FIRST(R) LEGO(R) League ( | | +1 603-666-3906, 800-871-8326 | FIRST(R) ( - 200 Bedford Street – Manchester NH USA 03101


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