Sunday, July 24, 2011

LEGO Robotics Book out now and featuring the NYC group

Norm –
I want to share with you that the LEGO Robotics book I’ve been working on for the past 18 months finally was published and released at the recent ISTEConference  (late June in Philly)…
 – a section of the book presents interviews with “colleague experts” and (needless to say) the list of these reads like a roll call of New York City LEGO Robotics/FLL enthusiasts. Included are: Laura Allen, Mark Sharfshteyn, Mike  Koumoulos,  Chris Dudin, Ian Chow Miller, Evan Weinberg, Corbett Beder, Phil Firsenbaum (there are others I reached out to as far away as Hawaii, but these are the NYC folks you’d know)… some of them  found their  way to me and into the book via the announcement you put in the blog when I started the project. Again, if you can mention the release of the book I’d appreciate it. The book, by the way, is intended to provide background and first steps for teachers. It should  help many, as it gives the: "LEGO Robotics? What is it? Why do it? Could  I do it? Where do I  begin? What do I need to know? To buy?" background  info and advice... and on and  on etc. etc. etc.
Please read the publisher’s description… 
Getting Started with LEGO Robotics:  A Guide for K-12 Educators

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