Friday, March 16, 2012

Norm's March 15 Update

Dear Teams

Attached --  the floor diagram and game/judging schedule/spreadsheet with pits/consent forms

Only a few days to go and we have lots of information for you which may require more than one update today and tomorrow.
I'm trying to avoid sending out more updates and if I forget something I will post on the blog. Keep checking.
If you notice something missing or have a question email me ASAP.
MY PHONE: 917-992-3734

REMINDER: The FLL event is part of a 3 day event at Javits.
FRC runs from Friday- Sunday and you should try to make some time for your kids to see that during the day. We used to offer Friday tours to schools visiting on that day but that is not on the table this year.
FTC runs in the same FLL  space but on Saturday. If you are thinking of trying it out next year stop by on Saturday to check it out. If you can get your kids there on Saturday to check out both FRC and FTC do so.

I am posting as much information as possible on the blog:
I am attaching the schedule which I believe is final. The pit table number is the key -- for performance times 3.1 is pit 3 round 1 etc.
We may have some copies available but best to print your own.

Pit numbers are now posted sorted by pits and team numbers.
I'm attaching a spreadsheet sorted by pits and team numbers -- sheets one and two.
I tried to meet your time requests and also keep all multiple teams together. If I screwed up holler. It may be too late to make changes but I will try. The pit area has some weird odds and ends so at times this was tricky.
Requests for groupings based on Poly teams and those working with Veryl have been met (I hope.)
Parents are free to go directly to the pit table. Please try to keep within your space. We are very crowded with 82 teams.

Here is the pit layout.

Field Set Up Kits
Sometimes we give away extra kits at the end of the tournament. No guarantees yet. Every system I set up often turns into a disaster with the chaos at the end of the day. So far I've had one request. If you want one the best thing to do is to email me a request and I'll put you in the order of responses. If they are available check with me Sunday after things settle down and I will tell you which judging/tech room to get your kit from. Bring a garbage bag or box to carry it.

We will not have practice tables set up as far as I know. Most people bring their mat to put on the floor. No need to drag a heavy table. You can create your own borders. The two inside aisles look pretty crowded from the floor plan. But maybe there is more room.

There will be no room for tables though one teams is bringing a portable one and asked for a space to set it up. I gave them pit 76 which has some space. SHARE EVERYONE! GRACIOUS PROFESSIONALISM!

Here are direct links to what I've posted so far:

FLL Championship Pit Layout/Floor Plan - March 18 (SEE WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED IN THE PIT)

FLL: What to Bring to an Event


FLL Championships - Pit Table ASSIGNMENTS -March 18, 2012

I'm trying to avoid too many attachments to make sure you get this email. If you want me to send something to you email me.

WARNING: Streets may be closed and be sure to check MTA for weekend changes/potential nightmares so take that into account. See below.

Make sure to fill out an hand me your team info sheets as you enter. Otherwise we have no way of knowing you have arrived. If you need another email me ASAP.

Consent forms: They are for your protection so have them filled out and bring them with you but we are not collecting them.

From Susan:
Remember when you go up for judging that you are judged in all categories at once, so please bring your research and your robot for technical design to the judging area when you are queued up.

There will be a table for the display in the judging area.

Stuff to Bring to an Event
·       Robot and attachments
·       Signed Consent and Release forms - English/ Spanish  
·       Parts kit
·       Print out of programs and robot specification page
·       Materials, props, and equipment needed for Project presentation
·       Laptop computer with batteries and/or AC adaptor, extra batteries, extension cords
·       Team scrapbook
·       Team banner, posters, or other  decorations for pit space
·       Snacks and drinks
·       Storage box for personal items
·       USB cable or IR tower
·       Programming garage
·       Team introduction page
·       Fun, inexpensive gifts to share with other teams (pins, hats, personalized, team playing cards)

There will be a mini marathon so there are street closings: West Side Hwy (usually southbound) will be closed from 42nd St to Chambers. Please allot for enough travel time and make the bus companies and parents aware in the event they need to re-route.

March 18: Closed For Half Marathon

March 18: Closed For Half Marathon

If they see it when you walk in they won't let you past the entrance to the event. So bury the food beneath the equipment or put food in closed containers disguised as robot materials. Will there be food for sale at Javits? Sunday is kind of tricky so I don't know. Last year people ordered and had it delivered -- I think you can eat outside at some seats set up. Not really sure since I rarely get out of the pit area. The experienced coaches know more so let me know and I'll post on the blog.
Affordable Places to eat:
612 8th Avenue, New York, NY 0.6 mi E

Burger King
255 West 34th Street, New York, NY 0.7 mi SE
427 10th Avenue, New York, NY 0.3 mi SE
Dunkin Doughnuts
466 10th Avenue, New York, NY 0.3 mi SE
White Castle
525 8th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 0.6 mi SE

In the surrounding areas there should be deli’s

 I hope I covered everything but I'm sure I forgot something. See you Sunday.

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