Tuesday, March 01, 2016

NYCFIRST Feb. 25 Update - On to Javits on March 12

Dear Teams,
It's Norm Scott -  Norm S the elder Not Norm Sutaria, the younger  -  and I will be your contact for any questions you have and will be sending you regular annoying updates.
Congratulations on winning an award at the qualifier and it's on to the championship round on Saturday March 12 at the Javits Convention Center, a little over 2 weeks from now.

Plan for a long day from 8-4 and possibly a bit later. You won't be allowed in until 8AM.
Please check the norms robotics blog - http://normsrobotics.blogspot.com/2016/02/nycfirst-update-teams-going-to.html-  or the list below to make sure you are listed correctly.
If an error was made and you are listed and shouldn't be let me know as some other team might be affected.
If you cannot attend let me know ASAP so we can check with the teams next in line.

So I know you are getting my communications,  you must respond to this email with your
team number

Only the official coach needs to respond, not the assistant. But I am including both emails in all communications. If you need to change an email or add someone include that information in your response.
Also include your cell phone number so if we need to reach you before or during the event we can do so.
I am attaching the Team Info sheet which you must fill out for each team you have competing. Fill it out and hand in to me at the pit table desk when you arrive. That is the only way we know you have arrived.
You do not have to register on line.

You are automatically registered when you hand me your team info sheet when you arrive.

There is no fee for the event.
You will be pre-assigned a pit table number which I will send it to you around March 7.

I will email you a schedule, floor plan and pit table map when they are available.
The more of this info you share with your team and with parents in advance the more smoothly things will run.
If you have any questions include them in your response to this email. Or call me.

Norm Scott

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