Monday, September 10, 2007

FIRST LEGO League NYC Registered Teams 07/08

Updated Thurs. Sept. 13: Total - 158 teams


Sept. 29: Kickoff at Polytechnic U in Brooklyn
Children are welcome

9-10: All coaches. Please be on time as very important information on qualifying tournaments will be discussed and questions answered.
10-11: Coaches will be divided between New coaches and vets.
Vets will review the missions and game board.
Newbies will get essential info, programming and building tips.
11-12: New coaches will review missions while those vets that wish can get some review of programming.

All this is still tentative.

Since this will be a very important component this year in order to go on to citywide and the timetable is significantly moved up, a discussion will take place on best practices.

The Game:
In the past, practice tournaments were used to get ready in Nov/Dec for the Jan. event. Now these dates are suddenly more real and your timetables are being squeezed. This is a transition year and we will get the kinks out, so be patient.

One of our problems in scheduling is the fact that we rely so much on the amazing high school kids who do senior robotics - FRC - and give so much of their time. But their very intense season always begins on the first Sat. of Jan. and goes on for 6 weeks. We have a brief window at the end of Feb. before their competition begins again.

Borough events are dependent on the following FRC teams:
Bronx: Lehman HS
Staten Island: SI Tech
Queens: Aviation HS
Brooklyn: Brooklyn Tech
Manhattan: Stuyvesant

Evan Weinberg, FRC coach at Lehman, MC at FLL, member of FLL planning committee, etc, etc. etc. Oh yes, and he teaches too.

Because this is a transition year, we are looking at additional events to give your schools more opportunities to compete. We are considering some activity at the Javits Center where the FRC and FTC (VEX) tournaments will take place the first weekend of April.

Also, some other FRC schools may be interested in hosting some events, possibly in Feb. and March and maybe beyond.

So hang on for a fun year.

Steve Raile (right) from Staten Island Tech and Deric Borrero, coach and founder of FLL at IS 72, SI and the brand new Assistant Principal at IS 24, SI.

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