Friday, September 14, 2007

FLL Queens Group Forms has invited you to join the FLLQueens group with this message:

Hi everybody. My name is Michael Koumoullos and I am volunteering with NYC FLL this year. I will be working with Norm Scott and have taken over some of the work that Steve Shapinsky did these last three years. Stephen went out of his way to help me step in. This Google Group will offer information about the NYCFirst Qualifying tournament at Aviation High School. I am a teacher at Aviation High School. I intend to hold a professional development meeting on
Election Day, Tuesday, November 6 at Aviation High School. We can talk about the game, planning, judging and the RCX. I have never used an NXT so if any of you are good at building and programming the NXT, and are willing to give a description of the program to coaches who are new to the NXT, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the group's description:

This group is designed to disseminate information regarding the December 15th NYC First Qualifying Tournament held at Aviation High School. It should also act as a forum for experience and knowledge sharing.

Mike posted this to the group:

Hello everyone. Just a reminder, Research and Technical presentations will be judged at Aviation High School on December 15. Don't forget, this is not a practice tournament. It is a Qualifying tournament. There will be opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, full judging, trophies and awards. We will do our best to simulate the environment at Riverbank State Park. Also remember, not all schools will qualify to compete at the citywide tournament. The exact number will be determined by the NYC FIRST Planning Committee. A rough estimate of the number of teams that will qualify are about 50%. The method of selecting the teams has yet to be determined, but whatever the method, the teams will be selected by the judges at each Qualifying tournament.

Please ask any questions you may have. The Chief Judge for at our event will be Gregory Koumoullos, my brother. He is also a member of this group and is available to answer questions. Please be a little patient with him because he is now getting acquainted with the judging techniques and procedures.

Good Luck, Mike Koumoullos.

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