Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NYCFIRST Update 13


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Oct. 16, 2007

A newsletter for the NYCFIRST robotics community in New York City and the surrounding area.

The NYC/NJ FIRST Web site is at www.nycnjfirst.org

Note: Election Day (Nov 6) training at Staten Island Tech has been cancelled

Training at Aviation HS on Nov. 6 is still on.
Contact Mike Koumoulos: mkoumou@schools.nyc.gov

(And congrats to brand new daddy Mike, who has placed a VEX kit in the crib.)

Training Oct. 20 is on either at NYU or Polytechnic (downtown Brooklyn)

Details will be posted on http://normsrobotics.blogspot.com/

Registered so far:

3555 Brandeis Hayes Tracey Pozluszny PS 8 K
4113 Janna Valente Resurrection Ascension
5619 Richard Akalski/ Joshua Blum Louis Armstrong IS 227 Q
5898 Sidney Izakson MS 447 K The Math & Science Exploratory School
6047 Seung Won Lee PS 1 M
Gillianne Roberts Brooklyn Children's Museum
April Wilcox Brooklyn Children's Museum
Rob Connolly Briarcliff schools

There's still plenty of room.

You will need to bring your robotics kit (not the field set-up), a laptop (if possible) and your software.

Thanks to Ed at Vision Ed for last week's training at PACE

Please check the blog for regular updates: http://normsrobotics.blogspot.com/

Polybots will be hosting an Open House for all NYC FLL teams
at Polytechnic University in downtown Brooklyn at Jay St,
Location: RH116.

Practice fields will be set up for the teams to try out their robots. Jose Munoz, the head referee at the Brooklyn event will also be available if there are any questions about the rules.

Contact Jose Munoz at hpcolombia@gmail.com to confirm the day that you are coming.

We can only host about 10 teams day. Spaces will be reserved on a first come first serve basis, and you can request more than one day, but no promises can be made.

Tuesday 10/23
Tuesday 11/6
Wednesday 11/14
Tuesday 11/20

Register for borough tournaments

NOTE: There will be a $30 registration fee for all borough tournaments.
There will be NO registration fee for teams going on to Riverbank.

Send team number, school, contact, email, cell # to


* Manhattan: Pace U, Dec. 2 (Sun) Catherine K. r0bot@mac.com and cc: Hans Zhou hans.s.zhou@gmail.com

* Brooklyn Tech: Dec. 8 Ruwan: brooklynfll@gmail.com and Boris: borabora188@gmail.com

* Bronx: Lehman HS, Dec. 8: Gary Israel: Ggimhs@aol.com

* QUEENS: Aviation HS, Dec. 15, Michael Koumoullos at mike@koumoullos.com AND fllqueens@googlegroups.com. (917) 208-5629

* Staten Island: Dec. 15 Dennis Giurici at Staten Island Tech 718.667.5725

List of all registered teams can be accessed at:

Please check to see that you are registered.

Compiled by Norm Scott
NYCFIRST Registration coordinator

Have a good day


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