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NYCFIRST Update 14

Oct. 22, 2007

A newsletter for the NYCFIRST robotics community in New York City and the surrounding area.

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Training Oct. 27 (tentative depending on interest)

If you are interested in attending a training session this Saturday at
Polytechnic U (downtown Brooklyn) contact me ASAP.

The practice field can be set up to practice missions.

If there's room you can bring one or 2 children.

If it's a GO, details will be posted on

Thanks to Lee and Laura at Vision Ed for Saturday's excellent training at NYU
See pics I took posted at the blog.

What I learned on Saturday

In a stimulating environment, lots of ideas get generated.
Some of the discussion reminded me of the presentations at the Kickoff by Veryl Greene (pros and cons of RCX and NXT) and Maureen Reilly (NXT).

If you have both, it is a good opportunity to set up some learning situations in your class by having the 2 systems compete. It might be a good way to continue after the tournaments. Don't underestimate the ability of smart kids to make the RCX hummmmmm!

NXT vs. RCX videos
I saw these in Atlanta. FLL Volunteers Brandon Newendorp and Jake Ingman from the Iowa State U Engineering Dept. have put up wonderful videos comparing the NXT and RCX with each of them playing the respective roles. Poor Jake (you'll know what I mean when you see it.) Use them with your teams.

Here is the link:

Training at Aviation HS on Nov. 6

Contact Mike Koumoulos:

MIKE: Please send me a list of people registered.

Sadly, the Election Day training at Staten Island Tech, a feature for all the years I have been involved, has been cancelled, not through the fault of any of the teachers involved.

Open House for all NYC FLL teams
The Polybots will be hosting an Open House for all NYC FLL teams
At Polytechnic University in downtown Brooklyn at Jay St,
Location: RH116.

Practice fields will be set up for the teams to try out their robots. Jose Munoz, the head referee at the Brooklyn event will also be available if there are any questions about the rules.

Contact Jose at to confirm the day that you are coming.

"We can only host about 10 teams day. Spaces will be reserved on a first come first serve basis, and you can request more than one day, but no promises can be made."

Tuesday 10/23
Tuesday 11/6
Wednesday 11/14
Tuesday 11/20

All times are 3:30-6


Maureen Reilly, coach of Packard and member of the FLL Planning Committee, has generously vounteered to coordinate the practice sessions:

These are not tournaments (no research, etc) but soley an opportunity to practice the challenge and give your kids a real experience of competition. You do not have to be completely ready. Kids get to run the robot, come back to the pit and work on the problems. They learn from other teams, get ideas from watching them, etc. A great opportunity.

* CCNY: Nov 10th
* Brooklyn Tech: Nov 16th
* Staten Island: Nov 18th
* Polytechnic: Nov 28th
* Bronx: Dec 1st

Register for borough qualifying tournaments: DON'T GET SHUT OUT
$30 fee for registering.
No fee at Riverbank.

Send team number, school, contact, email, cell # to


* Manhattan: Pace U, Dec. 2 (Sun) Catherine K. and cc: Hans Zhou

* Brooklyn Tech: Dec. 8 Ruwan: and Boris:

* Bronx: Lehman HS, Dec. 8: Gary Israel:

* QUEENS: Aviation HS, Dec. 15, Michael Koumoullos at AND (917) 208-5629

* Staten Island: Dec. 15 Dennis Giurici at Staten Island Tech 718.667.5725

CITYWIDE FOR 80 Qualifying Teams:
Saturday, Jan. 26 at Riverbank State Park

You are welcome to bring your teams as observers to all qualifying events and the citywide.
We can really use your help as judges at tournaments you are not directly involved in.

Future events beyond Jan. 26 are being worked on, so view FLL as a project for the entire year. Especially target Friday, April 4 at the Javits Convention Center. If we can get enough volunteers (and we need your help for this) we may be able to run some kind of event for FLL and give your kids an opportunity to watch the high school FRC and VEX events.

List of all registered teams can be accessed at:

Please check to see that the info is correct.

If you are dropping teams, let me and the qualifying tournament organizers know.

There may be team registrations and field kits for sale. Let me know if interested.

Compiled by Norm Scott
NYCFIRST Registration coordinator

Have a good day


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