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Bronx FLL Qualifying Tournament Information

December 8th, 2007

Tournament Information

Location: The event will take place in the Lehman High School gym.

Transportation and Parking: Parking on the street will be limited. Public Transportation is recommended.
# 6 Subway to Westchester Square -East Tremont Avenue / Westchester Avenue
The following buses go Westchester Square and walk east on East Tremont
Bx4, Bx8, Bx14, Bx21, Bx31, Bx40, Bx42

Event Schedule
Registration begins: 7:30 am
Mandatory Coaches Meeting 8:30 am
Opening ceremony: 9:00 am
First match: 9:45 am
Awards Ceremony concludes: 3:00 pm

Team Registration
Upon arrival, please proceed with your team directly to the Pit Area and find your pit table by your team number. Please then have one adult member or coach go to the pit administration table for Check-In and to receive schedules and other information.

Snacks and Lunch
There will be no scheduled lunch break. There will be an opportunity to purchase food at the event, although it is suggested that teams bring lunch, and/ or snacks as their most practical food option. Please be mindful to keep the Lehman High School.

Adults are expected to actively supervise the youngsters they accompany to the event during the entire time they are at the event.

How many students should you bring?
The FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Challenge Competition has become very popular and roughly 50 teams will participate in the Bronx Qualifying event this year. In order to provide room for all teams in the pit area and in accordance with FLL rules, we ask that you limit the number of students competing to 10. Additional spectators and supporters are welcome to attend but will be restricted from entering the pit area.

Photo and other permissions:
This event will be heavily photographed for press coverage and inclusion on the FIRST website. All teams will receive a plaque and are likely to be photographed at that time as well as during the course of the day.

Accordingly, we request that all students submit a photo permission form (signed by parents) as part of their participation in the event. School personnel accompanying students are requested to keep this on file and inform appropriate event staff of any problems arising from this situation.

All adults accompanying students should be certain to obtain written permission from parents as part of youngsters’ attendance.

Participation Plaques and Awards:
In order to qualify and compete at the 2008 New York City FIRST LEGO League Championship, a team must:
1. Be based within the five boroughs of New York City;
2. Compete at one of the five borough qualifying FLL tournaments;
3. Win at least one of the six awards (any place) given out at their borough qualifying tournament.
The following awards will be given out at each tournament:
1. Directors Award
2. Robot Performance Award
3. Project Award
4. Teamwork Award
5. Robot Design Award
6. Judges' Award

The number of places for each award (i.e., 1st, 2nd, etc.) will be based on the planned size of the borough tournament such that the number of teams advancing from each tournament will be roughly proportional to the tournament's size. A total of 86 awards will be given out at the five borough tournaments, thereby qualifying up to 86 teams to compete at the New York City Championship. Judges will be using the standard judging criteria for each award as explained in the coaches' manual as well as outlined on the webpage:

What to Bring
A laptop(s) and robot(s) ready to go, as well as spare parts and batteries to support your robots. A power strip and a spare battery for the laptop are also advised. Snacks, etc. are also recommended – this is a busy and exhausting day of competition, and you will need your energy!

What to expect from the FLL competition
Pit Area – each team will be given the use of a cafeteria table. After the opening ceremonies, the pit area will be limited to coaches and their team members who have the appropriate wristband or identification only. Guests of teams are welcome to watch and cheer their teams on throughout the day in the competition area. Practice tables will be provided in the pit area. Please do not bring your own for reasons of safety and space.

Competition Area- 6 double sets of fields will be setup, so up to 12 teams will compete at the same time.

Information Tables-There will be a team information table set up in the pits and a general information table set up in the competition area.

Rounds – Teams will be given the opportunity to compete 4-5 times during the course of the competition. Schedules will be available on competition day.

Judging – All teams will be scheduled for a technical and a research judging session. In addition, judges will be floating around the pit area to interview teams for special recognitions. Each team will have up to 5 minutes to present in front of each judge panel. Up to 10 students may present. No coaches or spectators will be allowed into the judging rooms.

Readiness – Teams are expected to report to their assigned challenge field promptly when called to compete, or they will forfeit that round. Coaches should also be aware of when their team will be called for research and technical judging. Schedules for each team will be available on the day of the competition.

Team Number – Teams will be addressed as well as tracked in scoring and judging by your team number. Please make sure that all students know your team number.

Important: The Bronx FLL committee will not repair or supply any team equipment! Teams should come prepared to participate and come supplied with everything they need to do so. This includes equipment for the technical and research presentations. Please bring any AV equipment (projectors, power strips, computers) that might be necessary for these presentations.

The Bronx FLL planning committee is not responsible for misplaced or lost items.

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