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NYCFIRST Update 20: Jan. 3, 2008

NYCFIRST Update 20: Jan. 3, 2008

A newsletter for the NYCFIRST robotics community in New York City and the surrounding area.


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We need an email confirmation for each team that will be attending.

Please include the team number and your school/organization in the email and check the accuracy of the information for your team(s) listed by borough at the end of this email:

Team # School/Organization Team Name Coaches' name(s)

The program guide for the tournament is being finalized this week so an immediate response is necessary.

(Note: Depending on the layout, in some cases there may be room for only 1 coach's name)

Send the number of team members (rough count):
The total number of people that may be attending at Riverbank - parents, students, teachers. Very rough count:

We will be emailing an information packet to you in the next week with a form attached to fill out for each team.

You are invited to:
Brooklyn Tech's Live Feed of the


LIVE from FIRST HQ in Manchester, New Hampshire

Saturday, Jan. 5th at 9AM

My name is Bryan Parra, and I am the President of the Brooklyn Tech Robotics Team. Brooklyn Tech was interested in setting up a stream of FRC Kickoff at our school for some of our members and alumni. Today I received confirmation from Principal Asher, and he told us that we can invite JFLL and FLL teams also, with a maximum capacity of 1000 people.

Bryan Parra

All FIRST Lego Teams

To learn about US FIRST Robotics (FRC) and watch the Kickoff for the 2008 game. FRC is the next level after FLL!!

Brooklyn Technical High School Auditorium
29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Saturday, January 5th- 9AM


E-mail to with your team's name, a contact person and the number of people attending. We will send you a confirmation along with directions to the school.

NOTE: There will also be a live feed at Polytechnic University in downtown Brooklyn.

Going to MIT

Stuyvesant student and member of the school's robotic team Theo Kunicki has devoted a lot of time to assisting at a number of our qualifiers. Her mom Catherine has been an integral part of the FLL Planning committee and her dad Ron has been at all the events. I remember seeing Ron stuck in the airport at Atlanta last April with part of the Stuy team. Are these active parents or what?

Jim Hoffman, Theo's middle school teacher had a team entered in the Queens tournament. She went back this week to give the team a hand despite being incredibly busy. After all, that was where she got her start in robotics.

At the Queens tournament on Dec. 15 Theo was particularly nervous. At 12 pm she would hear whether she got into MIT. A few weeks ago she had even gotten to talk to Woody Flowers, MIT prof and one of the founders of FIRST, who called her to encourage her.

While the hours passed quickly for us, they went slowly for the Kunickis.

Finally the word came.


Congrats to the entire Kunicki family. Theo will be heading to Boston and maybe get to hang out with one of NYCFIRST's family members Wayne Penn who is now working for Dean Kamen.

She was not the only one to get into MIT from Stuvesant.
Steven Lam - Team 694's President of Engineering, who attended a lot of FLL Planning Committee meetings this fall - found out he was accepted at MIT early admissions also. A third team member, Danny Zhu, the Director of Programming was also accepted and a fourth team member was deferred.

MIT alumni have had a mentoring program going with NYCFIRST for a number of years and here are a bunch of new recruits in 4 years who sure know the ropes.

The 82 teams going to Riverbank for the citywide tournament

0083 CS 66 X CS66 B.R.A.T.S Christopher BladesJames Bellon
0196 PS/IS 123 X Eagles Chris GoodingKelleyann Royce
0268 MS 101X Maritime Academy Maritime Warriors Michele SikoryakPunit Gandhi
0506 Pablo Casals MS 181x The Crusaders Terry Buchalter
0705 Globe Schl for Environ. Rsrch GLOBE Masters Michael JoycePaul Riter
0707 Globe Schl for Environ. Rsrch GLOBE Masters Michael Joyce/Paul Riter
0845 MS 302 X MS302 Tech Squad Sharon Shoatz
1634 ESMT IS 190 X Team X Maribeth Whitehouse
1673 PS 195X Molecules Zelma Torres-Rosado
1822 MS 118 X Pacers Ralph Corvino
1911 PS 76XThe Bennington School 76ers Russell Heath
2132 IS 98 X Ridder Kids Harold Smith
2154 PS 121 X Storm Throopers Kathy BormannMaria Scher
2201 MS 144 xMichaelangelo MS 144 GoBots Victoria Lowe
2269 PS 68 X PS 68 Mind Openers II Andrew HarrisonBarbara Tully
2284 HS of Computers & Tech LEGO Devils Stan Bellis
2349 PS 103 x LEGOBotic Beez Jarret Jackob
2350 PS 103 x LEGOBotic Beez Jarret Jackob
2415 Kezner Academy @IS 192 X Accelerators Jim Love/Nikki Havel
4084 Bronx Latin MS Architecti Eddie Branchaud
4785 PS 153 x Nanobots Mary Ann Milano
4815 Frederick Douglass Academy FDA LEGO Raiders Mary HuiDanielle Nunez
4817 Frederick Douglass Academy Junior Raiders Alyssa Rosenbaum
5148 PS 304X DragonBots Sandra Kamelgarn
5264 IS 174 X Microbots Esteban Vazuez
5744 PS 108X 108 Charles Sperrazza

1447 Trevor Day School The Little Dragons Steven Schechter
2627 Little Red School LREI 1 Sherezada Acosta
4795 Man Youth @IS 289 M Cougers Annie Xu
Theseus Roche
4850 Man Acad of Tech MATobot Hau-Yu Chu
5205 The Brearley School Brearley Beavers Annie Cheung
Luigi Cicala
6047 PS 1 Robotics Seung Won Lee
6115 Man East MS 224 Man East Melissa Cancel
6482 Little Red School LREI 2 Sherezada Acosta

0160 MS 51K Generals James Hoffman
0447 PS 372 K Static Fanatics Rita Fasano
Vicki Holland
Haiva Albuliwi
0844 St. Edmund School Nerd Herd Christine Zaremba
1435 Packer Collegiate Inst. Pack-a-Watt Maureen Reilly
1472 The Carroll School Black Hornets Keith Wynne
1475 PS 58 The Carroll Sch Black Heroes Keith Wynne
1654 PS 21K Crispus Attucks Panthers Carla Arnold
2070 PS 11K Behan Robots Rasheda Lyons
2090 PS 261K The Energy Freaks Jennifer Lindauer-Thompson
Chris Peyser
Scott Howard
2880 Benj Banneker Acad RoboWarriors Imani Fischer
3107 Bedford Academy BedBot Cluny Lavache
3628 IS383 Philippa Schuyler Skybox Lindrick Outerbridge
4949 Brooklyn Tech HS Brooklyn Tech Knights Gordon Williams
5090 PS 282 K RoboWarriors Aisha Marsh
5100 MS 88 K Masterminds2 Andy Singh
5101 MS 88 K Masterminds3 Andy Singh
5689 PS 81 PS 81 Bell Bishop

Staten Island
0198 Staten Island Tech HS Tech Knights Mike Siegal
Steve Raile
0199 Staten Island Tech HS Tech Knows Dennis Giurici
0332 IS 24 SI Rogue LeadersRaymond Cottrell
0990 IS 34 SI Techno Eagles Joseph Buro
0992 IS 34 SI Stell Talons Joseph Buro
1408 St. Clare School Transformers 1 Mary Lee
1409 St. Clare School Transformers 2 Mary Lee
1410 St. Clare School Transformers 3 Mary Lee
1411 St. Clare School Transformers 4 Mary Lee
1965 IS 72 SI V Team Deric Borrero
1995 IS 75 SI Panthers 1 Donny Swanson
1996 IS 75 SI Panthers 2 Donny Swanson
2235 Coen at Home Micro Bots Patrick Coen
2258 IS 27 SI Mustangs 2 Bryan Kilgallen
5499 IS 49 SI Robo Spartans Carol Obler
5501 IS 49 SI Powah Playaz Carol Obler

0394 MS 67Q Energize67 Ruta Dave
0573 IS 125 Q Mr. Roboto Rudy Vera
0948 Brics-2-Bots CyberbotsTechsVeryl Greene
1863 IS 119 Q TopGearz Chris Dudin
2395 IS 192 Q Robo Fusion Eric Greene
2728 IS 10 Q IBest 3000 Pat Shubitz
3126 JHS 185 (Bleeker) Stars Primal Dhillon
3840 Bric-2-Bots Cyberbot- Eng. Veryl Greene
3874 MS 216Q The Lions Peter Xanthus
4113 Resurrection Ascension Titans Janna Valente
5517 IS 119 Q TopGearz Chris Dudin
5618 Louis Armstrong IS 227 Q Lamchops David Mabrey
Richard Akalski
Joshua Blum
5619 Louis Armstrong IS 227 Q Lamchops 2 Same as 5618
6292 Cambria Center Warbots Sheryl Liles
7203 IS 126 Q Stingers Stephan Linardic

Compiled by Norm Scott
NYCFIRST Registration coordinator

Have a good day


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