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NYCFIRST Update 24: Only 10 Slots Left at Javits for April 6

NYCFIRST Update 24: Only 10 Slots Left at Javits for April 6

March 15, 2008: Happy Ides of March

A newsletter for the NYCFIRST robotics community in New York City and the surrounding area.

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Do not rely solely on these updates as I post news regularly on the blog.

Note: the tournament at St. Edmund's in Brooklyn has been postponed. A new date convenient to teams that want to take part will be set up, possibly in May.

FLL Tri-state tournament at Javits April 6

The Javits Convention Center (37th St and 11th Ave.) will be the site of a major robotics event in NYC from April 5-6. FRC, FTC and FLL – a mini World Festival (without the world).

Friday April 4 is a practice day for FRC and you are welcome to come and observe. Tours of the pit areas will be offered (goggles must be worn and will be available for loan.)

Saturday, April 5, FRC and FTC competitions will take place concurrently all day.

Sunday, April 6, the FTC competition area is converted to an FLL space with 8 tables.

Do we need some volunteers on Sunday? Hell yes.

Important information for registered teams:

  • Doors at Javits open at 8am.
  • Registration will be from at 8:30-9:30
  • Rough time of competition: 10-1 with no lunch break.
  • Pit tables will be pre-assigned. All you do is check in and take your kids to the pit area at your assigned tables.
  • There will few chairs available at the tables. So, floor sitting will be in operation. Consider having kids bring something to sit on (one big picnic.)
  • There will be NO practice tables set up so bring your own mat and field set up. There will be plenty of room for them.
  • We will get in as many rounds as we can.
  • Trophies to 3 top performing teams and a certificate to each team (not to each child.)
  • Seating in the bleachers is tight. I will send out a targeted email to the registered teams asking how many people you are bringing. There may not be room for cheerleaders, etc.

So far, 50 teams from the quad state area have registered.
10 slots still open

To register – send e-mail to norscot@aol.com containing the following information:

1. Team number
2. Team name
3. School/organizational affiliation
4. Borough
5. Team contact name
6. Team contact e-mail address
7. Team contact daytime phone

Team Number Team Name School/Org Borough Contact
3874 Ryan Lions JHS 216 George Ryan Q Peter Xanthus
1814 Transformatrix Intermediate School 230 Queens Sonya Rencher
3840 Cyberbots Brics-2-Bots Q Veryl Greene
6292 Warbots Cambria Center for the Gifted Child Q Sheryl Liles
2395 Robo Fusion 192 Renaissance Middle School/ I. S. 192 I Q Eric Greene
2397 Robo Fusion 192 Renaissance Middle School/ I. S. 192 II Q Eric Greene
5618 LAMChops 1 Louis Armstrong Middle School (IS 227Q) Q Richard B. Akalsk
5619 LAMChops 2 Louis Armstrong Middle School (IS 227Q) Q Richard B. Akalsk
573 Mr Roboto IS 125, Woodside Q Rudy Vera
575 BSGE Baccalaureate School Q Melissa Hinson
4719 The Epiphany School M Christine Cook-Alvarez
5522 IS 52 Inwood MS M Adaliz Gonzalez-Medaglia
5115 Thing 1 Manhattan East M Ms. Cancel
5116 Thing 2 Manhattan East M Ms. Cancel
6540 MS 44 Robotic Wizards MS 44 William O'Shea Complex M Elvetta Harris
1963 Epiphany1 IS 72 SI Randi Huss/Danny Colasanto
1964 Epiphany2 IS 72 SI Randi Huss/Danny Colasanto
1965 Epiphany3 IS 72 SI Randi Huss/Danny Colasanto
983 NXT 193 P.S. 193K Brooklyn Stacy Solomon
1090 Lego My Eggo Sunset Park Prep, M.S. 821 Brooklyn Mike Barry
189 Robotnics Automotive High School Brooklyn Bruce Rajswasser
1435 Pack-A-Watt Packer Collegiate Institute Brooklyn Maureen Reilly
3555 Power Knights PS 8 Brooklyn Brandeis Hayes and Tracey Posluszny
1477 The Robot Shockers P.S. 58 The Carroll School Brooklyn Keith Wynne and Roger Levy
5689 WWW.Robokids.com P.S. 81 Brooklyn Everbell Boampong-Bishop
1468 Warbots MS 50k Brooklyn Reginald Wilborn Jr.
3628 SkyBots I.S. 383 Philippa Schuyler Middle School Brooklyn Lindrick Outerbridge
196 Solargy IS 123 Bx Chris Gooding
7289 PS 196x Bx Gladys Bharath
5285 Mott Hall III Lego Legends Mott Hall III Bx Kelly Vaughan
5703 TechnoBots Aspire Preparatory Middle School (MS322x) Bx Deborah Ogedengbe
6814 Phipps Lego Team Phipps Community Development Corp. @ P.S. 112 Bx Matthew Miller
2132 The Ridder Kids Hermann Ridder Intermediate School 98 Bx Harold Smith
1634 Team X IS 190 Bx Maribeth Whitehouse
7100 BX Ryders I.S. 162 Bx Charl Castelyn
5744 Energy All-Stars P.S. 108x Bx Vanessa Jones
1673 Molecules PS 195 Bx Zelma Torres-Rosado
5672 Ridgefield Robotics Slocum-Skewes Middle School NJ Joan Furman
5673 Ridgefield Robotics Slocum-Skewes Middle School NJ Joan Furman
3936 North Star Robotics North Star Academy Charter School of Newark Newark, NJ Brian Smith
1229 Dr. Horton Newark Public Schools Cynthia Byrd/Shafeek Mohammed
1221 Miller St. Newark Public Schools Stephanie Moore/Shafeek Mohammed
2428 Computer Jocks Computer Adventures Wayne NJ Dolores Bowyer
2254 Landroids Lancer Robotics Club Livingston, NJ John Yeh
531 Techno Girls Girl Scouts of Heart of Hudson Westchester Shohreh Anand
3066 The IceBreakers Girl Scouts of Nassau County LI Steve Kitchener
5597 RoboWarriors School Eden Christian Academy Sewickley, PA Dana Coyne
3129 SAP POSbots SAP Sponsored Bristol PA Lee Gutherman and Paul Lownes

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Compiled by Norm Scott
NYCFIRST Registration coordinator

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