Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Queens Registration Form is Ready

Hello all,

The link below will take you to the registration site for the Queens
Qualifying Tournament.  It is the only way to register for the Queens
tournament.  This year there appear to be many more teams in Queens.
There might possibly be more teams in Queens than slots at our
tournament.  This won't be clear until teams officially drop out.

If more teams register than there is room for, we will handle it in
this manner.  Organizations that register a single team will be given
priority.  That means that they will all get it.  Organizations with
multiple teams will be asked to make a choice.  Choice #1: Run a
tournament for your teams and participate with only a portion of your
teams.  Choice #2: Compete some of your teams in Queens and some
elsewhere (with Norm Scott's approval).  Choice #3: Compete all of
your teams elsewhere (with Norm Scott's approval).

To Norm, Mark and Rich:  Please forward this link to any new team that
is not part of the FLLQueens Google Group yet.

To all new teams:  You must become part of this google group.  In
order to do this you must email me: mike@koumoullos.com.  In your
email please provide a call back number and the best time for me to
call you.  It is important that you have internet access when we
speak.  Alternatively you can call me at 718-361-2032 x1331.  I will
have internet but I can't guarantee I will be at my desk because I
teach two periods a day.


Good luck to all,

Mike Koumoullos
Queens Qualifying Tournament Coordinator

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