Thursday, September 30, 2010

Registration closes Friday Oct 2 at midnight, Qualifying event fee, rules change, did you pay yet?, training

1. Registration closes Friday night at midnight. If you know of a school wanting to register tell them to do so ASAP.

2. Qualifying fees
Now that we are heading into preparing for qualifying events, we wan to remind veteran teams and inform new teams that there is a fee involved for each team in order to help make thees events as meaningful as possible for your students. Depending on the tournament these fees go towards covering costs of trophies, renting chairs and tables, tee-shirts for the judges and volunteers. (And food for them too.) Last year the fee was $30 and we are trying to keep it the same but are looking at the budgets.

There will be no fee for the Javits tournament in March.

If you are in Queens and Mike K hasn't contacted you about the Queens Google group email him:
3. A rule has changed since the kickoff
Scott Evans has deleted Ruling 3 and replaced it with the new, sparkly Ruling 10 on Robot Game Rulings. It goes a little something like this:

The LEGO manufactured “color” sensor, which is the only light-activated sensor in the retail Mindstorms NXT robot set, is now given the green light as an allowable sensor in the FLL robot game. Consider it added to the list in Rule 6. Testing has shown that this sensor is about equal in capability to the standard “light” sensor for robot game purposes, so you are allowed to use it as a color sensor or as a light sensor – it doesn’t matter. Only the LEGO manufactured sensors are allowed. Other brands such as HiTechnic brand are still not allowed.

4. If you haven't paid you have until Oct. 15. The longer you wait the longer it will take to get your Field Set up. That is a very important issue, particularly for rookie teams. You have to start getting the kids to build them in order to move forward. If you paid but haven't gotten your materials - contact Deanna Bishop at Pitsco. Email me if you have problems.

5. We have started working on a training session. Nothing set in stone yet but Oct. 16 is a target. You would have to being your robotic kit (not the Field Set up). No room for kids - coaches only. Email me if you have a special situation where you want to bring one child and I will see if it is possible. Check my blog for updates - upper right hand side panel.

917-992-3734 - but email is better

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