Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I thought you would like to see this nice video of an FLL success story - Team 7916 at PS 64.  Our FLL Team 2357 last year began mentoring a team at P.S. 64, a public school which had had significant cuts to its science curriculum.  In our off season, we introduced the PS 64 afterschool program (supported by Educational Alliance) to the FLL program, and recommended that they make use of the New York Academy of Sciences STEM afterschool mentoring program.

This fall, led by Anju Rupchandani, PS 64 did enter FLL for the first time as Team 7916, with mentor Daniel Gilmer (PhD candidate at Rockfeller University and NYAS volunteer).  We are very proud of how far they have come in a short time!  Not only has Anju Rupchandani at PS 64 been able to add an afterschool robotics class, but in addition, she has been able to add Genetics & Earth Science.

NYAS made a video about their STEM mentoring program, which also features the Body Forward challenge.  I thought you would like to see it, as example of an FLL success story - we hope to continue mentoring Team 7916 in the future.



Sam Braunstein
Coach, FLL Team 2357

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