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NYCFLL Javits Communique - February 26, 2014

NYCFLL Javits Communique - February 26, 2014

Dear Teams,

Congratulations on your advancement to the NYCFLL Championship to take place Saturday, April 5, at the Javits Convention Center.

I will be communicating with you over the next 6 weeks and provide you with the information you need and also to answer any questions you have.

There is no formal registration process other than a response that you have received this email with the updated information we are requesting. There is also no fee.

I will be posting all the communiques related to the April 5 event and other information on the Norm's Robotics blog,

You must  respond to this email so I know you've received it. If all information is correct. You must  include your team number, school and any updated information regarding the coach's name and contact information in your response so I don't have to hunt all over to match your email to the spreadsheet.

A list of the 76 75 competing teams can be found below and on my blog (FLL Teams at NYC Championship at Javits, April 5, 2014) sorted by borough. It includes team #, school or organization, team name, and the name of the coach - which may not be accurate as it's based on the original registration spreadsheet.

If you are not the team contact for the event let me know ASAP with the updated info and please forward this email to that person and have him/her contact me.
We are also asking all teams to provide us with a cell phone number where we can reach you on April 5 during the tournament - ie - if the judges want your team to report or if issues arise.

You will be pre-assigned pit numbers and be sent a form to fill out that you hand in before you enter the pit and go to your assigned table. (That is the only way we know you have arrived.)

I will also start sending you specific information as I get it beginning about 2 weeks before the event. I will also post all information on the blog.

Include the following information in your response if it differs from the spreadsheet below:
Team number _____
School _________
Team Name _________
Coach name ____________
Cell phone # ______________

That's all for now.
Note: you will receive a copy of this email for each team you have entered at Javits.

If you have questions email me at: or call 917-992-3734

Norm Scott

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