Monday, March 31, 2014

NYCFLL UPDATE - March 29, 2014 - Pit map attached

Dear Teams,

Well, thanks to all who have responded to my email posted at NYCFLL UPDATE: March 25, 2014.
Please make sure to read it as there is some info you will need.

Please make sure to include your team number in any response to facilitate record keeping.

We are a week away and some of you are not showing me the love by responding to my emails. Do I have to get cousin Vinny to track you down? The reward for those responding is your pit number - see below.

I am assigning pit numbers as your responses come in to make it easier for me to keep track of which teams I have to reach out to. See below for your pit and team number. If there is a blank next to your team # that means you have to touch base with me.

There will be 3 rounds. Judging doesn't start early this year so that will relieve the rush.

Only 2 children allowed in on Tech presentations.

My cell: 917-992-3734 - touch base during the day if you need to - leave a message since there is so much noise - with your name, pit number so I can find you.

If you want to be near another team email that info ASAP.

If you want to change your team name this is the last chance.

I am sending an attachment with the pit table layout.
And another team info form for you to print out and hand in upon arrival.

I will send another bulletin before next week so be on the lookout -- you won't have to respond to me on that one.

A few questions that came in:

Times: Javits doors are open early but we don't open the entry to the tournament until 8AM. When does it end? 3-4PM range - closer to 4. We have an awards ceremony that takes a bit of time. Some teams leave before due to bus obligations and the kids miss out on it. If you win and are not there you will be notified.

Medals: We give each child who shows up a medal -- usually right after lunch. No medals for coaches, parents etc. We do this by calling up pits in groups of 10 so be on the alert. Also - if they twirl medals the ribbon comes off -- be careful.

Food - they sell stuff at Javits but not cheap. Bring your own if you want but be judicious about making it obvious. A few years ago there was an issue over bringing stuff in - once at your tables it was OK - but no problems recently.
Some order pizza from the neighborhood and meet the delivery guy at the door. Others go out - check area restaurants in advance.

Parking - not much street parking at all -- there are lots and prices vary - check online - there are coupons - some lots declare this an event day and bump prices.

If you have more questions, ask.
I am not including the pit assignments on this blog as I have to send out a final updated list.

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