Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hi Nerd Herd!: St.Clare Also Going to Atlanta

Hi Nerd Herd!

Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment and we were happy to see you have been able to secure funds for Atlanta. You are famous!

Our FLL team represented New York last year at the World Festival and it was an amazing experience. We are actullay preparing to return now to the World Championships in Atlanta as a high school team this year in the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) division. We are actually just a grammar school, and I had four FLL teams competing this year. But I have a great group of older kids who graduated and who always return to help out with robotics and all my after-school science enrichment programs, so I decided to look into starting an FTC team for them. Since we were new and had a lot to learn, we were surprised and thrilled we received a bid! We just learned we got the bid early this week and went crazy trying to get our funds together too. It has been wild, but I guarantee it is worth it!

So I guess we will see you down there. We will look for you and hope you come visit our booth as well. We New Yorkers have to stick together. I love your idea on having a New York spread down there!!! I will try to get something to you soon that you can post (if I can come up for air at some point!). Booking hotels, flights, etc. last minute is no fun!

We are thinking of doing a New York kind of karaoke type of interactive thing at our booth, so come over and be ready to have fun! And I hope you get to go to the finale night in the park. It is unbelievable!

Here is my contact information. Please send me yours if possible. We are staying in the Westin Peachtree Inn because it still had rooms left!

Mary Lee
Science teacher
St. Clare School
151 Lindenwood Road
Staten Island, New York 10308

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