Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Javits Rules of Engagement

Javits FLL General rules:
1. Remember to attend the Coaches meeting.

2. Robot inspection will be done at the game tables by the referees
before matches start.

3. Please keep your PIT stations clean. This is your home for the day.

4. Please be aware that this is a public event and you need to keep your
pit secure.

5. Please remind the students that the Javits arena is very large and
not to wonder off.

6. Please remind the students about safety during the event. Pick a
meeting spot in case of emergencies.

7. Please remind the students not to go under the pipe & drape. This can
be a safety hazard.

8. Any students visiting the FRC Pit or any other part of the Arena must
be accompanied by an adult.

9. Remind parents that game arena & judging area are for students only.

10. Get to know your Performance Queuer & Judging Queuer. They are your helpers.

11. At your pit table you will have a sheet of printed name tags.
Please place one tag on the shirts of each team member for easy
identification throughout the competition.

12. Please make sure that you stop by the team registration desk upon
your arrival to the event in order to check-in.

Javits-FLL Judging rules:
1.There is no make up time scheduled into the judging schedule,
therefore teams should pay close attention to their scheduled time and
arrive to their judging sessions early.

2.There is no recording or picture taking in the judging area.

3.Coaches, mentors and parents are prohibited in the judging area.

4. Five minutes will be allowed for each judging session, start with
setup setting up.

5. Make sure the students for both Research and Technical presentation
come together when they are scheduled for Judging. Research and
Technical judging is scheduled back to back for each team.

7. Notify the Judge Coordinator early if the team has special
requirements for Research or Technical.

8. Power will not available in the Technical booth. Power will only be
available in the Research booth.

9. We expect to have time for 4 competition rounds. A 5th competition
round may be played depending on the timing of the event.

10. Performance rankings will be based on the highest individual round
score. If ranking ties occur, the second highest performance score will
be used as a tie-breaker. If additional tie-breakers are needed,
subsequent highest performance scores will be used to break the tie.

FLL Performance rules-
1. If you miss your match, please notify the Game Coordinator or Head
Referees to get on the make-up list.

2. After a team leaves the game table, please speak with the Head
Referees if you have any questions (instead of going back to the

3. Please remind your students to sign off on the scoresheet after each
match before they leave their game table.

4. Questions about the performance score after posting will be handled
by the Game Coordinator or Referee Coordinator.

5. Know your pit table number.

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