Friday, November 04, 2011

NYCFIRST Updates - Nov. 4, 2011


    * Total of 179 registered teams; registration is closed.(note 179 due to a team from Rochester registering for our area which has been put in the proper location)
    * Only 3 teams were listed as unpaid as of 10/18/11
    * Most boroughs are at capacity with teams:

    * Staten Island: 20 registered teams, capacity 30 max
    * Bronx: 28 registered teams, capacity 30-32 max
    * Manhattan: 38 registered teams, capacity 40 max
    * Queens: 39 registered teams, capacity 30-35 max
    * Brooklyn: 54 registered teams, capacity 40-45 max

Borough qualifiers:

    * Registration for each qualifier should be open on Nov. 7th; most boroughs have their method on how to do registration. (i.e.; Google doc) (note this will change once the website is up and running for next season)
    * A list of all the teams registered in their borough will be sent out to all coordinators
    * Each borough coordinator will decide what the deadline date is for registration.  Registration fee is $40.  Any question on how to collect or who the checks should be payable to contact Susan Hermon 718 260 3524

    * Brooklyn: Jan. 14th , coordinator Susan Hermon
          o Practice Tournament December 10th @ Poly 10am-3 (by invite only)

    * Queens: Jan. 28th @ MS 216 George Ryan:  coordinator Peter Xanthus

    * The locations facilities are perfect for the tournament; only issue is public transportation.  There are no trains in the area teams would have to rent a bus or take a bus.

    * Staten Island: Feb. 5th, coordinator Tom Smolka

    * Location is tbd

    * Bronx: Qualifier Jan. 21st @ Leighman HS; coordinator Bernie DiCristofalo

    * Practice tournament Dec. 17th @ Leighman HS

    * Manhattan: Jan. 21st , coordinator Elizabeth Vilchis

Chair/coordinator: Keith Wynne    Email:
Co-chair/coordinator: Elizabeth Vilchis

The date of the 2012 JrFLL Expo is set for Saturday February 11th, 2012 with a snow make up date of Sunday February 12th.

The location is: NYU Polytechnic University.

The number of participating teams is capped at 24 on a first come, first served basis.

Some teams will be invited to participate at Jacob Javits for the NYCNJ FIRST Robotics Expo, but it will be handled by lottery after the JrFLL Expo.

Cost of participation will be $40.00 per team.

The time will be from 10:00am-1:00pm.

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