Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stuff to Bring to an Event

•     Robot and attachments
•     Signed Consent and Release forms - English/ Spanish
•     Parts kit
•     Print out of programs and robot specification page
•     Materials, props, and equipment needed for Project presentation
•     Laptop computer with batteries and/or AC adaptor, extra batteries,
extension cords
•     Team scrapbook
•     Team banner, posters, or other  decorations for pit space
•     Snacks and drinks
•     Storage box for personal items
•     USB cable or IR tower
•     Programming garage
•     Team introduction page
•     Fun, inexpensive gifts to share with other teams (pins, hats,
personalized, team playing cards)

Susan Hermon
Administrative Coordinator
K-12 STEM Education Center @ NYU-Poly
O: 718 260 3524

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